Prophet Gift for Children

Children with the budding gift of prophecy (insight) have tendencies which might be  termed intense, active, perfectionistic and absolutistic.  These characteristics appear in such things at play activity, social relationships, and personal habits.  This seems to provide them with an understanding of people beyond their years, such as grasping family relationships.

As small children, they play best when surrounded by activity.  Consequently, they enjoy participating in sports and seek out active play.  They need a certain ‘realism’ to their play and may find pretend play uninteresting.

The driving intensity of their personality shows up in the wholehearted manner which becomes both their strength and weakness, for they either excel as students or they don’t try.  Their reading habits vary, but they tend to like mysteries, books with a moral, and adventure stories.  The quality of their reading seems to increase over the years.

Because they see things in a black and white, either/or manner, they may be regarded as difficult children.  Even their body appetites seem to reflect their gift.  They can be oblivious to food, but when hunger strikes, they insist on being fed.  The same applies to sleep.

Their strong tendencies naturally being to influence their self-image.  If they do well, their conscience approves; if not, they plunge into self-despair.  A small child, for instance, coloring a picture, might want to tear out the page if he goes out of the lines.

The drive in the personality of an insight child prepares them for certain leadership qualities.  They usually have many friends.  The strength of their personality will be verbally felt.  Parents of these children need to know that their apparent exterior toughness covers a very tender, even sentimental heart.

Like all children, they need much love and patient understanding.  They frustrate with too much liberty, but chafe under excessive restrictions.  They are quick to learn, but seemingly do not have long retention.  English, spelling, and reading are favorite subjects.

1.  Not good at imaginative play

2.  Likes absolute things, usually makes them good at sports

3.  Never likes to be alone, looks for the crowd

4.  Reads stories with a moral, wants to know why

5. Tends to be temperamental, a lot of energy, only does what interests them

6.  Seem to be beyond their time, reach for the future, what’s down the road

7. Tend to be negative because they think so concretely

8. They always want things their own way

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