Teacher Gift for Children

Children with the motivational gift of teaching have early interests and inclinations which prepare them for their ministry.  One might regard them as more ‘quiet’ than other children, even a tendency to be loners.  They like people and are liked by people, but even as children they can entertain themselves alone for long periods of time.  

They are not necessarily brilliant children, but they have a thirst for knowledge and  a wide taste in reading.  They will, as the saying goes, read almost anything.  They respond to school assignments by over-preparation, but if they are not interested in a subject they may ignore it and suffer a poor grade.

They find it hard to feign interest.  Usually they are bored by ‘small talk’.  As small children their interest may show up a fascination with letters and numbers.  One interesting example was a child who would sit and trace and the letters on his blocks over and over with his fingers.

These children seem to possess a certain personal organizational and emotional stability which fits them for long hours of study.  Therefore, they have a steadiness in their disposition and are not given as readily in the classical ‘coldness’ of a teacher.

They tend to be faithful children, loyal and punctual.  Because they are ‘fact’ and stubborn, they may even give the impression of being rigid and unemotional.  All of this gives them a certain independent, almost individualistic air.  This shows up in such things as active group sports, where they find as much personal fulfillment in watching as in participating.  They generally do not go out for sports in school.  They are not drawn to pets as much as some of the other gifts, not from dislike but because they are too time-consuming.

1.  Orderly, quiet, the perfect child, punctual

2. Never easily persuaded, very solid

3. Love intricate toys, but do not take apart toys unless they’re sure they can get them back together

4. Fussy about how you play with them, must tell everyone how to work toys before they can use them

5. Loners; do not mind being alone

6. Appear to be brilliant because they excel in class

7. Reads anything and everything

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