These church holidays have pagan roots and are embraced by millions in Christendom with the belief that they represent some holy event from the Bible. Just like Havah in the Garden of Eden, millions have been deceived for centuries.

Sha’ul (Paul) taught the Romans that if the ‘root’ is holy so are the branches; conversely, if the ‘root’ is unholy, the branches are also unholy. He also warned the ‘wild olives’ in Rome not to become arrogant over the ‘natural branches’ of the Jewish people (Romans 11:16-18). Unfortunately, the Romans didn’t listen, and today, the remnants of pagan gods is ‘rooted’ firmly in Christianity through the Roman catholic church.

Catholic Roots


Sunday came from the worship of the sun-god Ra in Egypt to the Venerable Day of the Sun in Rome. Both Councils of Laodicea and Nicea made it ‘church’ law that the seventh-day Biblical Sabbath was ‘changed’ to the first day of the week.


Christmas evolved from Saturnalia and became the Christ Mass of catholicism.


Easter finds its roots in Asthoreth, Astarte and Tammuz. Worship of these foreign gods was prohibited by Adonai, but like the ‘golden calf,’ their roots have been covered to hide the truth.