Exhorter Gift for Children

Children with the gift of exhortation are prepared for a special kind of relationship with people.  Their task is to bring about encouragement in life and provide positive personal progress.  This means their interests are ‘person centered’ and they develop what might be called a speaking gift.

Their relationship with people shows up in a friendly, outgoing disposition.  They make friends easily and therefore enjoy a certain social popularity.  They love to tease.  They are at home with people and enjoy groups.  The positive part of their personality makes them trustful, winsome and loyal.

They give off a certain ‘Pollyanna’ attitude, but underneath are serious-minded.  They prefer non-fiction books, including history and geography, for their ring of reality.  They like toys that seem to have a purpose, such as balls, wagons, kits, jump ropes, jacks, and roller skates.  They naturally are drawn to public speaking, drama and social events.  Math and mechanical things are not of great interest.

New concepts are not easy until they are mastered and understood.  They are inquisitive, investigative, and receptive.  In work projects, the try to simplify things and may spend a lot of time deciding how to do things easier.  They are not extravagant and tend to simplify life.

They adjust well to changes and are not threatened by new situations.  Saving things and money for the future is against their nature, if it better serves the present.

1.  Liked by all

2. Likes crowds, becomes extroverted

3.  Actor and mimick

4.  Loves to tease, tells jokes, knows when to quit

5. Loves to make the job easier

6. Rolls with the punches, almost impossible to depress, doesn’t hold grudges

7. Faces problems with calculations, figures why things happen, good realtionship with parents, but not too deep

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