Mercy Gift for Children

Mercy, as the tender ‘feeling gift’, shows up in loveable, cuddly children.  As babies, they smile easily and seem to have a soft, quiet disposition.  They have a tendency toward shyness, with a certain clinging tendency toward their parents in early childhood.  Loud noises and harsh word easily bring them to tears. 

The gentleness of these children tends to make them followers rather than leaders.  They often find it difficult to stand up for their own rights and will withdraw in a fight.  however, they can become crusaders, even fighters, when it involves the violated rights of others, for their motivation is to comfort and strengthen others, especially the underdog.  They seem to understand and can be drawn to the rejects of society.

They especially love pets and will bring home every wounded and stray dog in the neighborhood.  They also love the sick and the old.  They love people, but tend to have a few best friends.  Because they are ‘people centered’, they can enter into large groups, but they prefer to do it on their own terms. without social pressure.

The deep feelings of a mercy child may overwhelm him and create communication problems.  Notice that they are exhorted to show mercy with ‘cheerfulness’.  They can easily repress their feelings and then, under strain, break out in bitterness and hostility.  They seem to be especially sensitive to strain.  And if they are exposed to family conflicts, they may falsely assume responsibility, even guilt, for the family difficulty.

In reading habits, they like fairy tales, Cinderella stories; they avoid tragedies, for they are too affected by stories with sad endings.

1.  Quiet, hates loud voices

2. Cuddly, guggable

3.  Daydreamer

4. Hard to communicate, lives by feeling, won’t communicate if you pressure him

5. Talks about things with feelings, afraid to open up

6. Loves pets, best friend and animal stories

7. Difficult standing up for himself

8. Drawn to the underdog, will get violently angry when you hurt someone he loves

9. Easy to correct because they have an extreme fear of rejection

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