Giver Gift for Children

These children are prepared for their ministry by the gift of an open, friendly, receptive disposition.  Sharing is easy for them.  They seem to have a natural capacity to think in the pronoun ‘we’ rather than ‘I’.  It is easy for them to express love and show affection.  They find joy in making others happy.  They can give verbal appreciation and possess a freedom orally.

They stand out for their active participation with many people.  Their activity shows up in a preference for outdoor sports such as volleyball, skating, tennis, and the like.  They are achievers, industrious, and wholehearted in their tasks.  They also have a people-centered outlook and are unthreatened by them.  When they see an injustice, they deal with it, for they feel strongly in these matters and can be firm with offenders.

For them, common sense is a way of life. therefore they can usually be corrected with reasoning.  Because of the rather high social and speaking performance with these children, it is difficult to dine their gift.  Parents will probably be puzzled for some years until providence shows the all-around, rather broad base in which this gift operates.

1.  Open book, transparent

2. Receptive and friendly

3. No trouble speaking opinion, tells off other kids

4. Doesn’t take correction unless logical

5. Likes people

6. Involved in everything

7. Rather play with kids than toys

8. Tends to be in the lead

9. Loyal, faithful

10.Frugal, doesn’t waste anything, tight

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