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Luke 21:19 – Daily Bible Verse

January 14, 2021

“By standing firm you will save your lives.”

‘Stand firm’ in Greek is hupomoné and means ‘to patiently endure’ or ‘remain behind.’

In Hebrew ‘patient’ is סבלנות or savlanoot and means ‘pain and suffering.’

‘Save’ in Greek is ktaomai and means ‘to aquire,’ ‘obtain,’ or ‘possess.’

‘Save in Hebrew is ישע or yasha and is from where the name Yeshua, the Hebrew name for ‘Jesus’ comes.

‘Life’ in Greek is psuché and means ‘the vital breath of life,’ the ‘human soul.’

‘Life’ in Hebrew is חי or chai.

‘Soul’ in Hebrew is נקש or nephesh and means ‘a living being with desires, passions, and emotions.’

“By remaining behind, patiently suffering, you will obtain Yeshua, the vital breath of life, the salvation of your own life soul.”

Two other verses come to mind when reading the words of Yeshua in Luke.

“Although He was a Son, He learned obedience from the things which He suffered” (Hebrews 5:8).

“This is when perseverance is needed on the part of God’s people, those who observe his commands and exercise Yeshua’s faithfulness” (Revelation 14:12).

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Micah 6:8 – Daily Bible Verse

January 4, 2021

“Human being, you have already been told what is good, what Adonai demands of you — no more than to act justly, love grace and walk in purity with your God.”

The Hebrew for ‘human being’ is אדום or adam, the name of the first human being. It is used for ‘humanity.’ This word also is ‘red earth.’

“You have already been told” is the Hebrew word נגד or nagad and means ‘shown,’ ‘declare,’ or ‘be conspicuous.’

‘Good’ in Hebrew is טוב or tov and means ‘pleasant,’ and ‘agreeable.’

Adonai is Yahweh or the yod hey vav hey.

The Hebrew word for ‘demands’ is דרש or darash and means ‘to seek’ or ‘to resort.’

‘Justly’ in Hebrew is משפט or mishpat and means ‘judgment.’ It also means ‘deserving,’ ‘properly,’ and ‘the way prescribed as right.’

‘To love mercy’ is ahavat chesed or אהבת חסד in Hebrew. ‘Love’ is absolute and covers ‘love’ of man toward God, man to man, man to woman, to yourself, to your neighbor, and a love for Jerusalem. ‘Mercy’ is favor, kindness, and goodness. These are fruits of the Spirit that are expressed between humans.

The Hebrew word for ‘walk’ is הלך or halacha which is used to describe the way one walks out the commands of Yahweh. It also means ‘to go’ and ‘to come’ suggesting that whether you are coming or going in your life, your halacha should show forth evidence of Yahweh.

The Hebrew word for ‘purity’ found in this verse is צנע or tzana and means ‘to be modest,’ ‘reserved,’ or ‘humbly.’ There are two Hebrew words for ‘purity,’ zaku and barar and they are not used in this verse.

‘Your God’ is אלהים or Elohim and in this verse refers not to other ‘gods’ or one’s own personal idea of ‘god,’ but the God called Yahweh. The word ‘your’ is singular not plural as is always the case when referring to the God of Isra’el.

“Mankind, inclusive of men and women, it has been declared to you about what is pleasant and agreeable, what Yahweh seeks you to do – you must live the way that is prescribed as right, expressing the Spirit’s fruits of kindness and goodness, and to come and go in a reserved, modest manner before Yahweh who is your Elohim.”

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Exodus 14:13 – Daily Bible Verse

December 16, 2020

“But Moshe said to the people, “Don’t be afraid! Stand still, and see the salvation of Adonai, which He will perform for you today. You have seen the Egyptians today, but you will never see them again, ever!”

The Hebrew word for ‘afraid’ is ירא or yareh and means ‘fear,’ ‘dread’ or ‘stand in awe of.’

The Hebrew word for ‘people’ is עם or am. This world means ‘people’ as well as ‘tribes.’

The Hebrew word for ‘stand’ is יצב or yatzab and means ‘to station oneself’ or ‘to take a stand.’ One of the meanings is to ‘stand forth’ suggesting forward movement with the ‘standing.’

The Hebrew word for ‘see’ is ראה or roeh and means ‘appears,’ ‘becomes visible,’ and ‘displays.’ It also means to ‘experience and undertand.’

In this verse, the Hebrew word את, the sign of Yeshua comes before the word for ‘salvation,’ ישיעה or yeshuah. Of course, yeshuah is the name of the Messiah of Isra’el.

The Hebrew word for ‘Adonai’ is יהוה or the divine name of Elohim, the “I Am,” the ehyeh asher ehyeh (Yahweh).

The Hebrew word for ‘perform’ is עשה or ashah and means ‘make, do, or accomplish.’

In the Hebrew, the word ‘ever’ is עולם or olam and means ‘antiquity, long duration, futurity.’ This world also is used for ‘this world’ olam hazeh.

“But Moshe said to the tribes, “Don’t stand in awe of your enemies! Station yourself, take and stand and experience and understand the deliverance becoming visible, Yeshua, which ‘I AM’ will accomplish and make happen for you today. You have seen the Egyptians today, but you will never see them again in this world again: they are no longer in your past, your present or your future.

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Proverbs 27:17 – Daily Bible Verse

December 11, 2020

“Just as iron sharpens iron, a person sharpens the character of his friend.”

The Hebrew word for ‘iron’ is ברזל or barzel and means ‘iron-ore’ or ‘stone containing iron.’ Iron is rare in the earth’s crust, coming on through meteorites.

The Hebrew word for ‘sharpens’ is חדד or chadad and means ‘to cause to improve,’ ‘to sharpen as with a cutting tool.’ It also means ‘clear understanding,’ and ‘wise perception.’ It also means ‘to have an edge that is able to pierce.’

The Hebrew word for ‘character’ is פנים or panim and means ‘faces.’ It is also translated into ‘countenance.’

The Hebrew word for ‘friend’ is רע or rea and means ‘companion,’ or ‘person one spends time with.’ Another more common Hebrew word for ‘friend’ is חבר or chavar and means ‘a willingly joined together’ relationship.

“Just as the rare element of iron has an edge that is able to pierce iron, is the exceptional person who willingly pierces the countenance of his friend to improve, have clear understanding, and wise perception.”

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