Sin – Hebrew: Awen


Awen in Hebrew means ‘iniquity, vanity, weakness, sorrow, trouble.

It always portrays a perversion in life (a twisting out of the right way), a perversion of truth, willful disobedience.

Hebrew Word Pictures

Alef – ‘An Ox’ means ‘first or strong’

Vav – ‘A Nail’ means ‘binding or bound to’

Noon – ‘A Fish’ means ‘life

awen – strong bondage to life


Rasa in Hebrew means ‘wicked, guilty of a crime, hostile to God and His people’

Romans 8 speaks of  hostility toward God.  It describes the battle of sin, the carnal man and his hostility to God’s Torah.  Because the Torah is spiritual and the sinful man is carnal, it is impossible for him to submit to God’s Torah nor does he want to (Romans 7:14).  Because of Yeshua’s death, resurrection and the  pouring out of the Spirit of God, the born again spiritual man (should) no longer be hostile to God’s Torah, but will submit as a  child who knows God as “Abba” Father.

Hebrew Word Pictures

Resh – ‘A Head’ means ‘authority or leader’

Shin – ‘A Tooth’ means ‘consume or destroy’

Ayin – ‘An Eye’ means ‘see or understand’

rasa – authority destroys understanding


Chasat in Hebrew  has the basic nuance of sin as missing the road or mark.

Vines, page 232 “Men are to return from ‘sin,’ which is a path, a life-style, or act deviating from that which God has marked out. They should depart from sin, be concerned about it, confess it.  … There was a ‘sin offering’ for a specific sin committed unwittingly, without intending to do it and perhaps without knowing it at the time.”

Iniquity is that which is in the heart and produces the visual sin.  Yeshua taught that lust (iniquity in the heart) births the sin of adultery; anger (iniquity in the heart) births the sin of murder.

Hebrew Word Pictures

Chet – ‘A Fence’ means ‘protect or inner room (heart)

Shin – ‘A Tooth’ means ‘consume or destroy’

Alef – ‘An Ox’ means ‘first or strong’

Tav – ‘Crossed Sticks’ means ‘covenant or sign’

chasat – heart consumed by first sign

Greek – hamartia means ‘missing the mark’ and moral obliquity, an act of disobedience to divine law

“Everyone who keeps sinning (willfully disobeys)  is violating Torah (teachings and commands of YHVH), indeed sin is violation of Torah” (1 John 3:4, CJB).

“Everyone who sins (perverts truth) breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness” (1 John 3:4, NIV).

Sin is not defined by man, but by the Word of God. Sin is falling short (of the mark) of His glory which is His Word. His  Word was made flesh and lived it out as it should be lived.  The Word in the flesh did not contradict the written Word because Yeshua is the Word (John 1:14). Breaking the traditions of men or doctrines of men is not sin.  Yeshua corrected this misconception for the nation of Isra’el and the church should learn from Isra’el’s mistakes.

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