Adam – Hebrew: Adom

Adam is found 20 times in the Scriptures; 13 times in the Old Testament. The Hebrew word Edom comes from the word adom and is where the descendants of Esau live. Edom is found 119 times in the Old Testament.


Adam or Adom in Hebrew means ‘red’.

The smaller word within Adam is  dam and means ‘blood’.  ‘Adamah’ means ‘earth’ so Adom comes from the ‘red blood earth.’

Hebrew Word Pictures

א Alef – An Ox means ‘first’ or ‘strength.’

ד Dalet – ‘A Door means ‘pathway.’

ו Vav – A Nail  means ‘binding.’

ם Mem – ‘Water’ and means ‘chaos’ or ‘mighty.’

The Hebrew Word Picture for adom: the first strength pathway binding chaos.

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