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My Vision of the Sword

This dream is occurred during a time of great spiritual warfare against our family. As God worked His will through my life, He also had to refine me. This is an excerpt from a book I wrote called “Illusion of Truth.”

The Rain

Anne had spent the last few weeks studying Scriptures about the Bride of Messiah.   She knew that all who received eternal life were given a robe washed in the blood of the Lamb, but she could sense there was something more to being the Bride.

She knew the Bride needed to remain spiritually faithful  with oil in her lamp while she waited for her Bridegroom to return.  She knew the Bride needed to be mature, discerning good from evil.   She knew the Bride received a white linen wedding gown as evidence of her righteous life.  She knew the Bride needed to know the difference between clean and unclean in order to keep her wedding gown pure and spotless.

With all she was studying about holiness, she was also learning about impurity and defilement. She wondered about her own heart and most definitely her spotted white robe.  She had not led a terribly immoral life before marrying Peter, but there were events she wondered about.  Would these things keep her from being part of the pure and spotless Bride of Messiah?

As she lay in bed, she prayed for God to reveal every moral filth in her life so that she would be ready when her Bridegroom returned.    She began with her first kiss.  It was quick, innocent and over in a moment.  It wasn’t a kiss needing repentance, but it was not a kiss she had expected or even wanted.  Still, it was her first kiss.  She progressed forward to other boys in her life and tried to remember each event that could have stained her dress: her first ‘real’ kiss, her loss of virginity, the various men, the diseases, and the immoral activities that she did with Peter before marriage. 

Anne confessed each memory as sin.   Some of the memories were difficult to acknowledge because she had embraced the sin as part of her identity. Sins did not define her.  She knew her Father wanted her to see herself as He saw her: His child, a promised seed of Abraham, part of the Body of Messiah, and the future Bride of His Son, Yeshua. Anne prayed for her heavenly Father to remove the spots from her life and gown.

As she prayed, small glittery-like objects began to appear above her.    They sparkled as they fell toward her body.  Some looked like drops of crystal, some were golden. The glittery drops fell faster and became sheets, like rain, pouring down on her. The white and gold mingled and became long solid, solid  streaks.  She felt nothing as the streaks penetrated her body.   She wondered about what was happening, but she trusted the vision was from her Father and He was doing something supernatural.

The sheets slowly returned to the sprinkle of crystal and golden drops until they faded away.  Amazed at the beauty and intensity of the event which had just occurred, Anne lay quietly  still. 

The Spirit of the Lord revealed the meaning of the vision.   The crystal drops were cleansing water and the golden ones, refining fire.  The streaks of the two mixed together were long swords. The double-edged swords ‘cut out’ the sin of her past life, uncovering and laying everything bare before the eyes of her Father.  The cleansing water washed away all the spots on her robe while the refining fire purified her heart.  

Then, she heard Yeshua’s voice,  “I have washed you in the water of My Word and now you are clean. You are my Bride betrothed to me in purity.  Your marriage bed will now be a physical representation of our spiritual relationship.”  She began to weep as she realized she has just been purified from her past and given a personal promise for her future.  Peaceful, she fell asleep.

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My Dream of Yeshua

I had a dream of Yeshua meeting me on a ship during a ferocious storm. The ship was rocking back and forth as rain pelted the upper deck. Water tumbled down walls and stairwells toward the lower decks, but I knew I needed to go below deck. As the ship careened and I stumbled down a twisting iron staircase grabbing onto the walls for stability, I saw a small rainbow-colored circular shape hovering in the air at the bottom of the stairs. As it spun, it became bigger and bigger until Yeshua stood in front of me. In that moment, the storm and swaying ship no longer seemed to affect me. I knelt before him and looked at the floor. He placed his hand on my cheek so that I would look up at him I remember the softness of his hand was nothing like I had ever felt before. I put my hand over his and turned it to look at his scars – something I consciously wanted to do to make sure it was really him. The scars on his hand had become one flesh with his hand – not like human scars that remain bumpy or discolored. Though obviously a scar, it even appeared translucent on his hand. While still holding his hand to my cheek, he turned my face so I could see his. I looked into his eyes. They were a color mixture of hazel and amber that I had never seen before – even that mixture does not describe the supernatural color of his eyes. I remember looking into his eyes deeply and drowning in his shalom. I could feel his love and overwhelming presence in a way that again could only be described as being enveloped in his fullness. His quiet voice stilled the storm and rocking ship when he said, “You are my Beloved.” Then, he left.

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The Voice of Rushing Waters

This is an excerpt chapter from the book, “Illusion of Truth.” This is a personal testimony of being a vessel for the Living God in order to end a spiritual warfare attack on my family.

“At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed: “O LORD, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and have done all these things at your command.  Answer me, O LORD, answer me, so these people will know that you, O LORD, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again.”  Then the fire of the LORD fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench.   When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, “The LORD -he is God! The LORD -he is God!” 

Anne was reading in 1 Kings when the phone rang.  Startled, she jumped. An adrenalin rush followed.    She knew that this phone call would make or break the betrothal.  Neither she or Peter wanted the responsibility of destroying their son’s dreams and breaking his heart even more.  Yet, they could no longer allow the enemy to infiltrate their lives and their home.  They could not give their son to a devil’s advocate.

Anne answered the phone in the living room.  Peter picked up an extension in the bedroom.     Immediately Melissa began talking in a firm and controlling voice.   There were no pleasantries, just her declaration that there was a breach in the relationship between the two families. If the relationship between James and Keren was to continue, it had to be restored.   

Anne couldn’t have agreed more, but what were going to be the terms?  Who was going to make them?  Melissa had obviously read the letter and was going to use it as the reason for separating Keren and James.   Her tone of voice meant serious business. Anne took the phone and ran toward the bedroom where she and Peter could listen together.  

Anne arrived in the bedroom to find Peter lying on the bed with the phone to his ear.   She walked to the other side of the bed and joined him in a reclining position holding onto her extension.  

Melissa laid out two conditions for resolving the breach. First, Anne and Peter needed to get rid of all wickedness and deceptions in their lives.   Second, it was time to receive Tommy’s testimony of blessing and join their church and grow spiritually.  If these two stipulations were met,  the betrothal would be allowed to move forward; if not, there would continue to be a breach between families and between James and Keren. 

Anne and Peter looked at each other and rolled their eyes.  Melissa was definitely not going to give up.   She was going to fight until she had everyone believe all her lies. 

There was no way the truth they had learned was deceiving and wicked.  They were never going to accept a testimony of demonic possession nor were they going to join a cult that destroyed people’s spiritual lives.  

They knew they had no choice.  They needed to silence Melissa.  However, they also knew Melissa would only twist and manipulate any words they spoke to suit her objectives.  They didn’t know what to do.  No matter what either of them would say, she would have a rebuttal meant to intimidate them.  They would be attacked relentlessly.

They continued to lay on the bed while listening to Melissa give her ultimatums a second and third time.  She demanded a response.   

Anne began to feel listless and uncomfortable.   She didn’t feel right  in her body.  She started to quiver, then shake.  She wasn’t cold nor was she nervous.  The shaking became stronger until she had no control over it.   She asked Peter what was happening to her,  but he just shook his head and stared with the phone stuck to his ear.  He had no answers. He just watched her shake and quiver. 

A sound like rushing water entered the room from somewhere in the closet behind Anne and filled her ears.  She turned to see what the noise might be because it sounded as though a water dam had burst and at any moment she would be swept away, but there was nothing visible, only a tumultuous deafening sound.   The rushing water muted everything else with its thunderous roar.   

She needed to breathe, to stop the shaking, to calm herself down.   As she inhaled a deep breath to try to relax, a gust of wind created by the rushing water penetrated her body through her nose and mouth.   A surge of air filled her lungs until they felt as though they would explode.  As the wind kept filling her body, she felt like she was being filled with helium.  From her reclining position, she was lifted to her knees.  Her whole body seemed to be inflating like a huge balloon.   She could no longer inhale or exhale.  She couldn’t breathe normally at all.  She looked again at Peter who was now curiously watching her, but still trying to listen to the one-sided rant on the phone.

Words flowed from the rushing water sound into her ears.  They traveled with the wind to her lungs and up into her vocal cords.  Together, the air and words, exited her mouth with a reverberating sound that emerged from inside her balloon-filled body.  They pushed themselves powerfully through her vocal cords in a deep, resolute voice that she did not recognize as her own. She had no power to talk and could only watch what was happening from inside herself.  She watched as physical letters written in manuscript left her mouth.  As each individual letter exited her lips,  they floated together into words that made sentences. The sentences melted away into ‘somewhere’ as new letters formed words into sentences and took their place.  

Intent on watching the living words leave her body and travel to ‘somewhere’, she saw two rooms.  In a brightly lit room Melissa stood.  She punched her fists in the air while trying to hold the telephone between her shoulder and her ear. She was trying to knock down the words that had penetrated the ceiling and hung  as sentences suspended in the air.  She looked like a boxer in a losing battle. She couldn’t punch them away.  Each time she hit the sentences, the letters would just float back together in words and continue to hover over her. 

In the corner of the other room, a more darkened room,  Anne could see Tommy crouched in the corner covering his head with his hands like a scared little boy. His phone was lying on the floor in front of him.  There were no floating words, but it was obvious he was hearing the resounding voice. He was seriously afraid of the deafening sound. 

Anne didn’t know if what she saw were actual events happening on the other end of the phone line or were just implications in the  spiritual realm. Either way, she was a vessel being used by the power of God.  She was only a bystander watching a phenomenon beyond her human understanding. 

Yahweh commanded Melissa and Tommy to listen to the living Words while He silenced all the evil spirits.  Though each Word was meant to bring conviction that cut their hearts, each Word was filled with mercy and compassion for their souls. 

In awe Anne watched as the written, floating letters from the breath of Yahweh became uttered words, nearly every word Anne had omitted in her letter and even more.  The Spirit of God revealed truths that were beyond the knowledge of anything she knew or wanted to know about the lies, deceptions, and demons that filled Melissa and Tommy’s lives.

Melissa remained defiant, full of utter contempt for the words the entire time and continued futilely punching the air.  Tommy continued to sit in the corner like a scared little boy.  The voice of the Lord only spoke for several minutes, then suddenly disappeared along with the rushing sound. The unexpected silence echoed in Anne’s ears.  

She had forgotten that she hadn’t been breathing.  It was as if she hadn’t breathed for hours and the sudden rush of oxygen made her lightheaded. Slowly, she felt her own steady breath return and she inhaled deeply wanting oxygen. Her diaphragm and ribs hurt with every breath she took.  It was if her insides had been stretched like a giant rubber band.  Anne then noticed Peter staring at her.  He held out the phone receiver and said in a weird voice, “It disconnected.”

Together they sat speechless looking at each other.   Neither had the words nor understanding to express what had just happened.  What HAD just happened? 

Anne regained her senses with each breath of oxygen  and when she could hear, see, and think somewhat normally again, she got off the bed and looked at the closet.  There was nothing there.  Gradually she began to realize that something miraculous and supernatural had happened.  Yahweh  delivered them through His power and with His Living Word, Yeshua.   Yeshua had come like a rushing river and mighty wind and saved them from the power of the enemy.  He had taken control of the situation, spoken His own words of Truth,  and set them totally free.  In that moment, Anne sensed how deeply God loved not only them, but Melissa and Tommy.  He wanted them all to be free from the burdens that they carried and He did it with justice and mercy.  

Anne looked at Peter still lying on the bed.  She went over and  pulled him up.  She began to dance a little.  She wanted worship and praise and dance.  She pulled Peter with every step she took.   With every breath Anne inhaled while dancing and praising, she could feel the pain in her ribcage from the power of the breath of God that had filled her.  She intentionally inhaled deeply wanting the pain and to remember that moment forever and ever.  She cried out loudly, “Yahweh is the God of all Gods. Yeshua is the King of kings and Lord of lords.” 

By this time James was standing in the doorway to the bedroom.  She looked at him and yelled, “I now know what Elijah felt.  I understand the power of God that ignite fire on wood that is saturated with water!”  She yelled so loudly that Abigail, Ben, and Hadassah ran into their parent’s bedroom wondering what was happening.

Peter said the only words worth saying: “Everyone, the Lord  just delivered us from the hands of the enemy.  Yahweh is truly is the God of all gods. We will praise and honor  His Name forever!” 

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