My Vision of the Sword

This dream is occurred during a time of great spiritual warfare against our family. As God worked His will through my life, He also had to refine me. This is an excerpt from a book I wrote called “Illusion of Truth.”

The Rain

Anne had spent the last few weeks studying Scriptures about the Bride of Messiah.   She knew that all who received eternal life were given a robe washed in the blood of the Lamb, but she could sense there was something more to being the Bride.

She knew the Bride needed to remain spiritually faithful  with oil in her lamp while she waited for her Bridegroom to return.  She knew the Bride needed to be mature, discerning good from evil.   She knew the Bride received a white linen wedding gown as evidence of her righteous life.  She knew the Bride needed to know the difference between clean and unclean in order to keep her wedding gown pure and spotless.

With all she was studying about holiness, she was also learning about impurity and defilement. She wondered about her own heart and most definitely her spotted white robe.  She had not led a terribly immoral life before marrying Peter, but there were events she wondered about.  Would these things keep her from being part of the pure and spotless Bride of Messiah?

As she lay in bed, she prayed for God to reveal every moral filth in her life so that she would be ready when her Bridegroom returned.    She began with her first kiss.  It was quick, innocent and over in a moment.  It wasn’t a kiss needing repentance, but it was not a kiss she had expected or even wanted.  Still, it was her first kiss.  She progressed forward to other boys in her life and tried to remember each event that could have stained her dress: her first ‘real’ kiss, her loss of virginity, the various men, the diseases, and the immoral activities that she did with Peter before marriage. 

Anne confessed each memory as sin.   Some of the memories were difficult to acknowledge because she had embraced the sin as part of her identity. Sins did not define her.  She knew her Father wanted her to see herself as He saw her: His child, a promised seed of Abraham, part of the Body of Messiah, and the future Bride of His Son, Yeshua. Anne prayed for her heavenly Father to remove the spots from her life and gown.

As she prayed, small glittery-like objects began to appear above her.    They sparkled as they fell toward her body.  Some looked like drops of crystal, some were golden. The glittery drops fell faster and became sheets, like rain, pouring down on her. The white and gold mingled and became long solid, solid  streaks.  She felt nothing as the streaks penetrated her body.   She wondered about what was happening, but she trusted the vision was from her Father and He was doing something supernatural.

The sheets slowly returned to the sprinkle of crystal and golden drops until they faded away.  Amazed at the beauty and intensity of the event which had just occurred, Anne lay quietly  still. 

The Spirit of the Lord revealed the meaning of the vision.   The crystal drops were cleansing water and the golden ones, refining fire.  The streaks of the two mixed together were long swords. The double-edged swords ‘cut out’ the sin of her past life, uncovering and laying everything bare before the eyes of her Father.  The cleansing water washed away all the spots on her robe while the refining fire purified her heart.  

Then, she heard Yeshua’s voice,  “I have washed you in the water of My Word and now you are clean. You are my Bride betrothed to me in purity.  Your marriage bed will now be a physical representation of our spiritual relationship.”  She began to weep as she realized she has just been purified from her past and given a personal promise for her future.  Peaceful, she fell asleep.

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