‘Agree to Disagree’

The phrase ‘agree to disagree’ has become the latest phrase of promoting tolerance within the Body of Messiah. When two or more individuals disagree about a ‘doctrine’ or ‘dogma’ and can’t seem to overcome their differences, the phrase ‘agree to disagree’ usually comes out of someone’s mouth to end to the uncomfortable discussion. However, ‘agree to disagree’ is not a statement of victory over a disagreement, it is a statement that debilitates the growth of the Body of Messiah because it allows each person to continue on the path of their own viewpoint rather than being transformed by the Truth through the renewing of their mind (Romans 11:1-2). In other words, one person’s preconceived religious ideas matter more than the Truth of God’s Word and the Truth suffers.

Many times the discussion or debates are quenched because of someone pulls out of their pocket the false love gospel. If someone is challenged because of a false teaching, then the person challenging the false teaching is criticized for not being loving. How foolish! Love, in its fullness, allows for correction and rebuke so an individual is trained in righteousness. Love does not allow for living in rebellion against Adonai.

First Corinthians 13:6 says that “love doesn’t gloat over someone’s sins, but delights in the truth.” Love delights in Biblical Truth, not false teaching that wraps people in sin. Most in Christandom, if they truly studied the Bible, would realize that many things they believe as Truth are not even found in the Bible. They are grounded in false gods and lies. The one pointing out those false gods and lies is loving them more than those who taught them the lies.

“Moreover, love is this: that we should live according to his commands. This is the command, as you people have heard from the beginning; live by it!” (2 John 1:6).

True love for Adonai and Yeshua is that we live our lives according to the commands of Elohim. If we live out a false teaching which is opposed to the Bible, we no longer walk in Truth, but a lie.

One good example is the Sabbath day. The Bible is clear that Adonai created the seventh-day Sabbath as a memorial to creation; He blessed the seventh-day. The day had no beginning or ending because it was to be eternal. He showed the Israelites the purpose of Sabbath was to trust in His provision. He made the Sabbath day one of the Ten Commandments. He said the Sabbath was a ‘sign’ between Him and His people. The Sabbath rest remains. The Sabbath will be restored as Eternity.

Over time, the Truth of Sabbath became illegal through the Council of Laodicea, anti-semitic church doctrines and fathers, the Roman catholic church and today, it remains hidden under the guise of the first day of the week, Sunday. If and when someone brings to light the lost Sabbath of Adonai and His command to ‘remember and keep it,’ a discussion inevitably ensues that ends with let’s ‘agree to disagree.’ With that statement, the person is admitting they are wrong about Sabbath and no longer have a desire to understand the Truth. They will continue to reject the Truth no matter how much Truth they are shown. They will believe what they want to believe even if it is false and leading them away from the faith they claim to have. They will remain hindered in their spiritual growth.

Once they have determined their belief is correct, apart from Biblical Truth, they will stop searching the Scriptures for the Truth. They will no longer be like the Bereans who eagerly welcomed the Truth, checking the Scriptures every day to make sure that Sha’ul was speaking Truth (Acts 17:11).

“Now the people here were of nobler character than the ones in Thessalonica; they eagerly welcomed the message, checking the Tanakh every day to see if the things Sha’ul was saying were true” (Acts 11:17).

The Greek word for ‘checking’ is anakrino and means ‘examine,’ ‘investigate,’ and ‘question.’ The Bereans received Sha’ul’s words with a mind ready to investigate whether or not he spoke the Truth. Too many today rely on church fathers, church history, denominational dogmas, and other religious books rather than seriously ‘examining’ the Scriptures. They no longer examine, investigate or question the validity of anything they believe. Those who refuse to investigate false truths will remain in the false truth, going deeper and deeper until they dig their heels into the ground to protect whatever they believe about a cherished doctrine which will in turn take them further and further into false teachings.

When ‘agree to disagree’ blocks any further discussion, the person who uses the phrase is saying, “I will believe what I want to believe, and you believe what you want to believe.” Apart from being arrogant in thinking that they have stopped an argument or debate by being a peacemaker, they are promoting a ‘different spirit’ than one of Truth that unifies. They are allowing the false ‘spirit’ that governed in the days of the Judges when ‘everyone did what was right in their own eyes’ rather than doing what is right in the eyes of Adonai. They have become the mouthpiece for promoting the world’s tolerance in the Body of Messiah.

When spiritual growth is quenched, the Truth becomes offensive and is avoided at all costs even by using platitudes and worn-out phrases. I am reminded of someone who once said to me, “Don’t rock the boat or my golden calf will fall out.” That person spoke words of Truth when they heard the Truth. The Truth did rock their boat and eventually they did lose the idol of of their affection.

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