Psalm 27:11 – Daily Bible Verse

December 30, 2020

“Teach me Your way, Adonai, and lead me on a level path—because of my enemies.”

The Hebrew word for ‘teach’ is ירה or yarah and means ‘to throw or shoot like with an arrow.’ There are two ideas surrounding this word. The first is that ‘sin’ is falling short as compared to shooting an arrow, or ‘missing the mark.’ The second is Torah or תורה that comes from the root yarah and means ‘teachings and instructions.’ Putting these two concepts from yadah together, ‘sin’ is being without the teachings and instructions of Elohim.’

The Hebrew word for ‘way’ is דרך or derek and means ‘road,’ ‘manner’, ‘journey,’ or ‘direction toward.’

Adonai is the ehyeh asher ehyeh, yod hey vav, hey or the I AM.

The Hebrew word for ‘lead’ is נחה or nachah and means ‘to guide.’ It is used to ‘guide with kindness.’

The Hebrew word for ‘level’ is מישור or mishor and means ‘a place of uprightness or righteousness.’ It suggests a place of comfort, safety, and prosperity.

The Hebrew word for ‘path’ is אוח or orach and means ‘course of life.’ The word orach has the smaller word within of or meaning ‘light.’ Psalm 119:105 states the Torah is a lamp and light to the path the of life.

The Hebrew word for ‘enemy’ is שרר or sharar and means ‘to be a hostile opponent.’

“Yod hey vav hey, through your instructions, like an arrow, guide me in kindness on my journey, my course of life, in a direction toward righteousness – a place of comfort and safety – because of those who would be hostile toward me in opposition.”

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