This Season Ends

Our final week of camp hosting at Cooper Creek during the crazy covid summer of 2020 has arrived. Fire pits are shoveled, bear boxes/food lockers are cleaned out, all of our firewood is sold, flags are folded, and mostly everything that needs to be put into hibernation until next year is ready to be inventoried. One more paid camping weekend and then we pack our trailer and move it to storage.

There we are!

We will once again rent the suite where we lived last winter. Our fulltime RV life has become 6 months rather than 12 and it makes us sad that we cannot live in our trailer through the winter. Not only does it get cold (which I think we could survive), but no one offers water or sewer because of the frigid temps. So, we will pack up everything that could freeze and make the suite our new warm and cozy home.

Our ‘new’ vehicle

We are also in process of making a residential transition from South Dakota to Alaska. We bought an older Subaru for commuting in winter weather conditions rather than using our Ford Truck. We will register it this week with our Alaska IDs taking another step forward to make this last frontier our residence. We don’t know for how long we will remain here, but for now it seems the right thing to do. We have been here long enough to take advantage of some of the perks of being Alaskan. I only wish this state wasn’t so far away from Colorado and Nevada, but it is. And, I wish that CCV hadn’t made traveling so impossible (with masks) and difficult (not knowing if sudden changes will not allow us back). I wonder if I will ever see my other adult children again. Make it so, Yeshua.

Just One Day In the Life

I will continue to work a couple of days per week cleaning the post office as I have this summer and did last winter. My husband will hopefully be re-hired as a ski instructor at Alyeska Ski Resort. We both know that working conditions will be bizarre with all the nonsense surrounding the virus that daily becomes more obvious stupidity. I will continue to attend the women’s Bible study that has been such an incredible blessing and encouragement to my spiritual life. I am ever so grateful for God’s Hand in me living in this incredibly beautiful place. I could never imagined His plan when I felt ‘stuck’ in Nebraska. Oh, ‘stuck’ is a ‘world’s view,’ ‘waiting’ is His view.

I hope to snowshoe this year and maybe get to know some of our campers better outside of a weekend hello. There are a few who are very special and it would be fun to spend personal time with them. And, of course, I will spend time with my growing grandchildren since they will live only a 100 yards or so away. We will have to find interesting activities to fill the short daylight hours because some of our favorites now require masks and none of us believe wearing them is actually about health – especially for children.

As for the rest of the autumn season, we are making plans to go above the Arctic Circle to see the Aurora Borealis over our heads. Though we won’t be going quite as far north as Utqiagvik (aka Barrow), we will be heading to Coldfoot Camp. Stay tuned for that adventure!

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