Modern-Nomads and Coronagate

Before every genocide, those who were mass murdered were considered ‘inhuman’ or a ‘problem to society.’  Fear of these groups was instilled by government leaders in the public mind through imposed rules and regulations until no one trusted their neighbor and everyone feared those who acted differently from them. This should not be the United States, but it is becoming so because a majority of citizens are willing to give up their Constitutional Rights, even basic civil rights, because they lack  real understanding about health care, immune systems, and fighting illness.  This loss of understanding about the human body has allowed a virus, a deadly virus to those who have underlying health problems, to change the values of our country. Many people, especially young state-educated people, lack a real understanding of why this country was founded, what this country stands for and the reason so many foreigners want to enter our borders – illegally.  Sadly, with the events of the past two months, the foundation to remain a free country with liberties like no other have eroded with the flood of microbial parasites. Sooner than later the ‘new normal’ may be like Venezuela lining up for food that doesn’t exist or China wearing masks not because of pollution, but because it’s mandated by government-paid health officials.

There is a little blurb going around FB about judging the man who needs to be painting so he doesn’t smoke or the rest in the list of people who have needs that appear ‘non-essential’ to you, but to them are very essential, life-sustaining essential.  With great fervor, we are being told by many state and local officials what is considered ‘essential.’  How can they do that? On what do they base their guidelines?  What is ‘essential’ to my life may not be ‘essential’ to yours (except maybe TP), but we are being programed to look at others’ lives and judge whether they are doing ‘essential’ things, and if in our opinion they aren’t, we either turn them into authorities or spew nonsense about them to others publicly. This spewing of nonsense is the foundation for creating divisions in a society that will eventually deem some people ‘inhuman’ and whose lives become expendable.  Though it hasn’t gone that far in specifics, I have been judged by a few that I don’t care about others because I don’t follow certain protocol.

My husband and I full-time RV. This means we live in our fifth-wheel all the time.   We do not own a brick and mortar home anywhere on planet earth.  My bedroom, kitchen and living room are like a condo on wheels; some consider what we do as glamping.  My husband and I sold pretty much everything we owned four years ago keeping a few personal items in storage.  Part of the decision was definitely our choice for retirement; the other part came from losing a job before retirement in a place where there were no opportunities for work.

We are not just vacationers traveling around spreading this virus.

Let me repeat.  We are not just vacationers traveling around spreading this virus.  Those who believe this judgmental nonsense need to research where that idea comes from and check the motive of their heart.

When we are on the road, we are looking for a place to park and live just like the rest of society.  Our home just happens to have wheels. We stop sometimes for one night; sometimes for longer because driving does become tiresome.  Still, we have a home and this is how we have chosen to live and pursue our happiness with the liberty we supposedly have in this country.  That liberty is being quickly chiseled away by state governments closing their borders – insane when many of these same politicians wanted open borders only a few months ago.  Some states like Utah are requiring health papers to travel through or stay a short time in their state.  This is reminiscent of Nazi Germany and lest you believe I’m over-reacting, just keep listening to the news or stop listening to the news and open your eyes and ears to what is really happening in this country all because of illness.  

Some people who live in their motorhomes are traveling workers.  Our one neighbor in Las Vegas is a construction worker who travels to where he finds good work. Good work meaning, work hard for several months and then enjoy some time off.  While here, he is helping build the new Raider stadium.  So, you’re not into football?  We have also met traveling nurses who go where they are needed as well. Is their work essential?  What if they are the ones you are dissing about traveling and taking disease to another place?  Our neighbor on the other side is a school teacher.  They were paying way too much in rent and decided to live like us.  She does online schooling for children around the country.  Is her job non-essential? 

Others like us are seasonal employees.  We work different jobs in winter (I cleaned the post office in Cooper Landing, Alaska this winter while my husband was a ski instructor at Alyeska Resort).  Summers we camp host in Alaska.  And as we travel from one place to another from the Kenai Peninsula to the Lower 48, we visit our children who live in various places in the US sometimes having layovers to enjoy our country’s beautiful landscapes.  Again, we are not just vacationing and spreading disease. We are working, paying bills and hoping our retirement isn’t destroyed with the supposed ‘cure’ for this virus – shutting down an entire economy.   We are in Las Vegas because we flew here from Alaska for personal business and then all of this nonsense began taking over sane people’s thought processes (or maybe they weren’t so sane) and in a sense we’re stuck. 

In the beginning of this ‘pandemic,’ we were told very different things than we are now.  Initially we were told over and over and over that fresh air and sunshine, washing hands and social distancing was the key to keep the virus from spreading.  Those of us who live in our multi-wheeled homes do that all the time.  We are in the fresh air, sunshine and always practice social distancing.  These are a given with this lifestyle and living in campgrounds.   We stay in our unique homes or go do outside activities.  Rarely do we socialize with neighbors because they are doing the same thing.

Campgrounds like Colorado State’s Cherry Creek which cancelled our reservations have sites that are volleyball court-sized apart. Social-distancing is built into the campground, but still they closed it down for those of us who have a place to ‘quarantine’ while allowing for hikers, bikers, and boaters.  Government campgrounds all over the US are closing down which leaves people like us without any place to live.  Thank you to private parks like the KOAs who remained open. So, instead of judging those driving through your little towns and villages with out-of-state license plates, consider they may be just looking for a place where they can drop their stabilizers. They may even be locals coming home to family.  

As for being camp hosts, we do talk with people, but we also keep a social distance.  That’s normal for Americans, not so much for Italians who greet one another with a kiss. We are not Italians; we don’t greet anyone that way.  We aren’t spreading disease. Camp hosts have many jobs and some suggest we will breed the virus through touching doorknobs to offices or even toilet paper rolls.  Those issues don’t seem to be discussed when going shopping for groceries or using public restrooms.  So why are they discussed with people who have all those amenities in their motorhomes or fifth-wheel trailers?

In the beginning, we were told that masks should not be worn by healthy people. Now, because they have instilled more fear about this virus, no one can know if they’re healthy and everyone wears a mask. If fresh air kills the virus, then why are people told to breathe through a piece of fabric which traps their own possibly-infected droplets and then rebreathe their own carbon dioxide?  Doesn’t anyone ever consider the lunacy?

I wore an N-95 mask last summer to prevent smoke inhalation during a severe forest fire when the dangerous air particles were so concentrated they were off the known charts. The smoke was so thick I couldn’t see anything.  Breathing caused me to cough; the ash-filled air burnt my eyes.  It was dangerous!  Very dangerous!  This virus is definitely not that.  The ppm of the particles are not that concentrated and they dissipate into the atmosphere around us.  Scientists in Germany are now saying the virus doesn’t even last long on surfaces. So wearing gloves is moot too.  We don’t have to wash our groceries or bathe our shoes in bleach.  Medical doctors on the front lines say that the spread of the virus happens when people are accumulated together for extended time periods like 30 minutes in a hospital setting.  So, door knobs and whatever else I come in contact within a campground won’t have the pathogens attached to it even though politically charged news medias claim it.  In all honestly, I’ve had more issues with people defecating in the woods which is far more disgusting and dangerous. Fresh air and sunshine doesn’t rid the environment of those things nearly as quickly.

My husband and I are leaving Las Vegas in two days.  We are not going through Utah as originally planned because we don’t want to go through their border surveillance, receive a text with a Qcode with information on how to fill out our health paperwork.  Instead, we will go through Arizona and New Mexico to get to Colorado and our storage unit.  We will visit our children in Colorado because we are not separating ourselves from family members no matter how young or old.  It’s not from a lack of caring, it is because we do care.  We should all be caring about our families. Everyone needs a hug now and then for their psychological health; everyone. It has been proven. From Colorado we are heading to South Dakota where we made our legal residency as do many other fulltime RVers, hence why you may see a lot of South Dakota tags on traveling homes along with Texas and Florida.

So, off we will drive toward our rental ‘space,’ wherever that may be, in the Black Hills where the governor has maintained her sanity, keeping the numbers small and immunities flourish. A state where we can retain our civil rights as human beings with our ultimate end goal of returning to the Last Frontier and maybe never returning to the Lower 48 via the closed-off Canadian border.

There are many reading this who will see us on the road believing the ridiculous fallacy that we are spreading the virus wherever we go because we are crossing state lines. We have been in the gated community known as the Las Vegas RV Resort for one month. Technically, we have ‘set ourselves apart’ and have no symptoms and haven’t shown any this entire month in spite of going out to buy necessities and visiting our son.  We will no longer allow a virus to control our lives; we no longer believe the government and its ‘health’ officials have our best interest in mind.  If they did, they would be social distancing, wearing gloves and masks during their public encounters. So, we’re just going to continue living in our condo on wheels wherever we can find a place that still accepts living, breathing human beings as valued people in the society and hope the next time you see a motorhome or trailer bounding on your streets, you take a moment and consider who in there is not only healthy and essential to someone else, but just may be trying to find an open campground to ‘quarantine.’

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