Journey With Jeremiah: Nourishment for the Wild Olive

by Julie Almanrode

Have you ever felt like something is missing in your faith and you need to grow more in the  knowledge of the Lord?  We did and this is our journey of how, like the prophet Jeremiah, we ‘tore down’ ‘inherited ‘lies’ and then ‘replanted’ and built on a re-newed covenant walk of faith in Yeshua of Nazareth.  Journey with Jeremiah: Nourishment for the Wild Olive is written to give reasoned Biblical responses to questions people have asked us for over 30 years. For those questioning their Biblical heritage or needing an apologetic to explain how you have not ‘fallen from grace,’ when you become part of the ‘Commonwealth of Israel,’ this book is a must-have reference. We are not theologians nor are we affiliated with any denomination; the Spirit of God was faithful to teach us these deeper Biblical truths.  Part one of the book explores many misunderstood doctrines in historical Christianity, part two brings the ‘shadows’ of Yeshua into the ‘reality’ in the Feasts of the LORD, and part three includes simple recipes, study guides and crafts to enhance celebrating your Biblical heritage.


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“What a refreshing drink from a deep well! This book answers so many questions those who are coming out from the church and into a true walk with the Messiah seem to have. Written in a personal, gentle way but covering every topic with such clarity and depth. You will be forever changed by reading this wonderful book. Highly recommend!” (Truth Unveiled)

“An eye opening read! I find myself going back time and again for reference. It’s a perfect companion for bible study, and a great starting point for exploring the Jewish context of the Bible and our Messiah. My life and walk with God has changed so much for the better since first opening for this book!” (S. Shirley)

I just finished your book.  I loved it!  It had some amazing and profound insights.  Great job!  (D. Carlson)

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