Kristalized Kenai

“He sends his word out over the earth, his command runs swiftly.  Thus he gives snow like wool, scatters hoarfrost like ashes, sends crystals of ice like crumbs of bread — who can withstand such cold? Then he sends his word out and melts them; he makes the winds blow, and the water flows” (Psalm 147:15-18).

It is strange to be in Cooper Landing in winter and seeing everything as a frozen white wonderland. Where’s Elsa? From the Kenai Lake to the river to the roads we drive all the time to the campground, I have to stop, pull off my gloves and with sub-freezing temps take pictures of the crisp wintery scenes all around me. Not only are trees and bushes and roads white-washed, wisps of chiffon clouds float below the mountain peaks while steam rises above the Kenai because the air is colder than the year-round 40 degree temperature of the river. Seasonal folks left long ago and apart from small winter jobs, the few locals left come to the post office and eat ice cream at Wildman’s. Some actually put on waders and continue to fish!

As cliche as it is, a picture is worth 1000 words. Try to feel the chill in the air, the waxing and waning of the daylight hours and the peacefulness of this hamlet on the Kenai Peninsula. I thank God every moment of every day to have the blessing of this experience.

Cooper Landing and the Princess

Kenai Lake and River

Bean Creek Road

What is a Ptarmigan?

Our Suite Home

Winterized Campground

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2 Responses to “Kristalized Kenai”

  • Ricky Jackson says:

    I can’t hardly believe the parallel paths we have taken, spiritually as well as in the natural. Being a Messianic believer has meant being in the wilderness for at least 8 of the last 10 years. Sunday church pastors have treated us like we have a disease and three eyes. Most of the “messy”-antics here have some really strange beliefs and very little balance. Besides the year we were at Congregation Beth Yeshua International, in Macon, GA, and the two groups we worshiped with in “Los Anchorage”, Alaska, we’ve had to depend on Yah and each other. We loved our 3 years in Anchorage. My first trip to Alaska was two months working in Soldotna for G.F. Sherman signs. We took many vacations to Alaska (17 for me) and fell head over heels in love with it. I went to ski school at Vail. We lived in Oakhurst, CA for a few months before moving to Alaska. While in Oakhurst I received a prophecy from a lady (which was taped and I transcribed)which said that God was going to give me “revelation, revelation revelation”. A few weeks later we had moved to Alaska. When I read my Bible it was like drinking from a fire hose; the dots were connecting faster than I could write them down. I felt like Dr. John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind”. After a series of incredible miracles we are now able to retire (we are 68) on Dec. 31. It’s so exciting to be in covenant with Yah and know that he does love us, and has good plans for us!

    I read both your testimonies as well as a lot of other things on your website and I was very blessed by all of it. Oh, I didn’t mention that I camped out at a Forest Service cabin at Cooper’s Landing on my first trip. I also noticed that my former pastor, Pat Hadley, from Anchorage, posted a review of “Open My Eyes”!

    • Wow, Ricky! You are right! Our spiritual walks are quite similar taking us from Colorado to Alaska and wherever else the Spirit leads. We’ve been walking the “Messianic Way” for 30 years and struggles and persecution were many, especially raising children in that wilderness alone place. It does get better, I promise. Something changed in me when I turned 50 and now I’m 60 and I don’t care what other people believe when I know they’re missing some of the greatest blessings Elohim could possibly give us in this lifetime. I love that you attended Beth Yeshua in Macon, GA as we watch Rabbi Greg whenever we are in a good time zone (6 a.m. is early in Alaska, but sometimes we can catch him.) On one of our excursions, I would love to visit there and meet some of the FB friends I have through Beth Yeshua. I completely understand that feeling when suddenly the living water starts flowing back up through the roots of the Olive Tree and a lifelong thirst is filled up. It is so refreshing and nourishing and you just want everyone to drink from that fountain. Sadly, few really want it. As you may have read, we campground host at Cooper Creek Campground in Cooper Landing. What cabin did you stay in? Somewhere up Resurrection Pass? This whole area had a major fire last summer and some spots are still smoldering in December. Skilak Lake area looks very, very different now. And, yes. Pat Hadley is using “Open My Eyes” as part of his teaching Torah to his congregation. Did you know Larry Brown? Gosh, come back up to Alaska this summer and let’s visit! Blessings and thank you for writing! I’m so encouraged. Shalom!

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