We ARE in Kansas, Toto

We made a short stop in Wamengo, Kansas to visit the Oz Museum. This museum is small, but filled with memorabilia from L. Frank Baum’s original book, the movie and everything since and in between.

Before entering Auntie Em’s house, we were told “We would not meet the Wizard because no one meets the Wizard.” And, we didn’t. We met Dorothy and all of her friends and even Glenda and her sister. We walked down the Yellow Brick Road to a delicious bakery and had a treat before taking off in our hot air balloon and leaving Oz.

Some ‘trivia’:

Frank’s wife loved his stories and suggested he put them in a book. In naming the now famous Oz, he had a file cabinet in his office. The top drawer was labeled A-N; the bottom drawer O-Z.

Frank and his wife couldn’t have children. They did however have a niece named Dorothy that his wife dearly loved. She only lived 3 months. His wife was so heartbroken that he wrote a story about a girl named Dorothy so she would live forever.

Frank never lived in Kansas.

Toto, Dorothy’s dog, is buried under the 101 Freeway/Ventura Highway.

Dorothy’s slippers in the book were silver, but they didn’t show up well on screen on the Yellow Brick Road so they were changed to ruby.

The Wicked Witch was severely burned when she exited the film in smoke because her make-up ignited.

The Tin Man’s oil was really chocolate syrup.

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