Meet Tezzy, the Hedgehog

Tezzy from Teslin Sunning Herself

This is Tezzy.  When we found her, she was wet and freezing near Teslin in the Yukon Territory.  We took her in our car and placed her on our dashboard to warm up and dry. Since that cold and rainy day day, she has been keeping an eye on us wherever we go.

Because of her near-death condition when we found her, she cannot remember anything before coming into our lives.  But since being with us,  she has traveled to many places.  She left the Yukon in the fall, went to British Columbia and Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada.   She has traveled the Cassiar Highway and now the Alcan to Alaska. She helped us move from our home in Nebraska and was a proficient camp host in Colorado.  She took the journey with us to pick up our Crusader in Indiana holding on tightly with the rough roads in Indiana and Illinois, in the wind of Missouri and Kansas, and hoping she didn’t fall out in the muddy Mississippi to be lost forever.

Tezzy at Johnson Crossing

Today, on her journey to Alaska with us, she revisited the place where she became lost – Johnson’s Crossing.  As we approached the historic landmark, her excitement grew and she asked that we take some photos of her with the grandiose background of the St. Elias/Wrangell Mountains.  She continues to sit on the dashboard watching the mountain scenery pass sometimes having to peek through snowflakes or raindrops on the windshield.

She wants you to see all the places she has been and things she has done.  We will see about doing that, but we don’t want her getting lost and feeling alone again.

PS. She’s better than any pet. We don’t have to feed her, stop for her to use the facilitrees, or listen to her whine when the days are long.

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