For Nationwide Repentance

El Shaddai, our heavenly Abba,

Awaken by your Spirit, your Ruach the consciences of those who have denied, forsake, and even betrayed their Savior.  Convict by your Ruach, those who hate, mock and refuse to acknowledge Yeshua in this post-modern world.  Show them all how terrifying it is to face eternity without the forgiveness of our sins offered by Yeshua’s blood poured out on the cross. Open the eyes of the scoffing and calloused men and women to see Yeshua pleading with them as he seeks to lead them from sin to salvation (yeshua), from death to life!  Bring this entire nation, the officials, civilians, military, the people, high and low, down on their knees in repentance, confessing their sins until they wholeheartedly return to Yeshua for deliverance.  Make our country remorseful for choosing ways contrary to Your Word and show us that despite our power, wealth and size, we are lost without You.  Give everyone who preaches repentance and faith in the blood of Yeshua a double portion of Your Ruach for the sake of the wayward and the unfaithful, the poor and the oppressed, the broken in body and the crushed in spirit, so that many sin-sick souls may be healed and redeemed by the merciful Messiah Yeshua, in whose name and for whose glory and honor I ask their blessing.  Listen to my prayer and pour out your blessings on this nation for the sake of Yeshua, Amen.

©Concordia Theological Seminary, 1950

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