Rest, Joy and Light – Shabbat Table Song

Sabbath Sunset, Kauai
Sunset, Kauai

“Rest and joy, light for all Jews [and those from the nations who join with her], is the Sabbath day, day of delights; those who keep it and recall it bear witness that in six days all creation was made. The highest heavens, land and seas, the host of heaven, high and sublime; sea monsters, humans and all wild beasts, were created by YHVH God, He who formed worlds. It was He who spoke to His treasured people: ‘Keep it to make it holy from beginning to end.’ The holy Sabbath is His day of delight, for on it God rested from all His work. Through the Sabbath commandment God will give you strength, rise, pray to Him and He will invigorate you. Recite the prayer, and the Kedusha, then eat with joy, for He is pleased with you. With twin loaves and wine for the Kiddush, with many delicacies and a willing spirit; those who delight in the Shabbat shall merit great reward: the coming of the Redeemer, and LIFE in the World to come.”

©Koren Siddur, Jerusalem 2012

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