Blessing or Prayer – The Shehecheyanu – שהחינו

This prayer is known as the Shehecheyanu. It has a special place in my life as it is the prayer I wanted to say when I first stepped foot in Israel.  However, I had a difficult time remembering it.  Our second day in Jerusalem, by the Temple Institute, a man on the stairs stopped me and asked if he could say a prayer over me.  This was the prayer.  Then, he taught it to me.

ברוךש אתא יהוה אלחינו מלך העולם

Baruch atah ‘Adonai’ Eloheinu Melek Ha’Olam

Baruch – Blessed
Atah – You (masculine)
Yod Hey Vav Hey
Eloheinu – Our God
Melek – King
HaOlam – The Universe

שהחינו – shehecheyanu

She-he – That giving
Chee (Chai) – Living (Life)
Yanu – To Us

וקימנו – v’kimanu

Ve – And
Ki – Sustain
Manu – Us

והגיענו – v’higianu

Ve – And
Higi – To Reach (To Enable)
Anu – Us

לזמן הזה – lazman hazeh

Lazman – To this
HaZeh – The Time, The Season

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