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As a home educator for over 25 years, I have learned the importance of designing curriculum to meet the individual needs of my children while always focusing on their spiritual development.  When my oldest daughter chose to read  Anne of Green Gables, I couldn’t find a published study guide that combined the emotional growth and the spiritual honesty of Anne with the rich vocabulary and literature of her era.  Hence, the birth of Anne with an ‘E’.

Anne with an ‘E’ is more than a comprehension study with vocabulary and questions; it is also interpretive.  Think About and Discuss questions are meant to take the parent/child, student/teacher deeper into Anne’s world – a world with moral and spiritual values very different from our world yet embracing the same hopes and dreams of young men and women today. 

Locate each Vocabulary word in the chapter.  Write out the word along with the sentence in the book.  Using a dictionary, write out the definition that pertains to how the word is used. Many of these words are ‘archaic’ and the use of an older dictionary may be necessary in order to find the proper definition.  To strengthen retention, a personal sentence may also be written using the word.  All definitions are found in the Teacher’s Section.

Creative Writing, Literatureand Other Activities may also be done in this notebook.  Many of the Creative Writing assignments are short compositions and/or thoughts about situations that Anne experiences.  Three literature pieces that Anne speaks about are included in the Appendix.  The others, which are very long,  may be found in anthologies or with a simple internet search. 

Geographyincludes learning about Nova Scotia, Canada and the surrounding region where Anne grew up and attended school.  An outline map of Nova Scotia is included.

Bible Application makes use of Bible study.  Each Scripture can be written out.  Feel free to use different translations of the Holy Bible as they may have different nuances in the words used.  Many of the questions and discussions challenge the ideas of church and religion as Anne’s childlike faith is tested through the use of  Scripture.   Bible Application brings  challenges from Anne’s world  to a personal spiritual growth level.   As our family walks in a Biblically Messianic Jewish faith, you may find some new and different spiritual concepts presented.

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