Celebrate Sabbath at Home (Free Booklet)

Celebrate Sabbath in Your Home


“Look, the LORD has given you the Shabbat.  This is why he is providing bread for two days on the sixth day. Each of you, stay where you are; no one is to leave his place on the seventh day” (Exodus 16:29).

Sunset in Elk, California

Our family along with the family of our daughter-in-law designed a Sabbath booklet to encourage those who are desiring to celebrate the Sabbath.    It includes a simple outline incorporating some of the Friday evening Jewish traditions of candles, bread, wine, and blessings with Yeshua central to each.  Print the PDF from our website and let it guide you and your family to “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.” 

Many thanks to Chris and Kaye Bacon for their vision and imput.

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  • Yahulia says:

    Hi Robert, The booklet is a PDF that you can download yourself. Just click on the link, Sabbath Booklet, at the top of the page and it will load and you can print it out.

    Thank you.

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