Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

Ted Pearce

 Choreography:  Julie Almanrode



7-up Left, 7-up Right Holding Hands


Verse – Facing Center

1-4 Cherkessia with opening hands

5-8 Cross Mayim Left

9-12 Step together Step Forward

13-16 Step together Step Backward

17-20 Bowing Cherkessia

21-24 Yemenite with pivot into circle keeping arms in the air

25-32 Slow 2-count box



1-4 Brush kick with a step behind

5-8 R Hop, L Hop with claps

9-12 Cross Mayim Left – arms level with body as if serving latkes

13-24 Cherk Left – R arm raised

Turn Right

17-20 Cherk Right – L arm raised

Turn Left

2 ct. Ski bunny R-L Arms raised, snap fingers (night)

1-4 Polka into circle RF-LF Arms raised

5-8 Polka out of circle RF-LF Arms raised

1-4 Cherkessia

5-8 3-up (Cross Mayim L)


Filler 7-up Right

Repeat Verse, Chorus

Fillers 3x

Repeat Verse, Chorus


Third Verse Ending – This last chorus begins about 2:30 into the song.

1-4 Polka into circle RF-LF

5-8 Polka out of circle RF-LF

1-4 Cherkessia Arms Raised

5-8 Cross Mayim Left



Fun Ending!  ALL turns BEGIN with the pointed foot stepping back out to make the turn.  Turns are 2 -3 point with a pause to begin the next 7-up!  Have FUN!

7-up R

Turn R 1-4,  3-up R

7-up L

Turn L 1-4, 3-up L

7-up R

3-up L, Turn 5-8 L

7-up L

7-up R

3-up L , Turn 5-8 L

7-up L

7-up R

1-4 R Turn, 3-up R

7-up L

Ending – VERY SLOW


Slow Mayim with arms in front of you

Cherk L, Cherk R

Slow Turn to Finish

The song is longer than the dance and we stop the dance at the beginning of the long silence!













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