Don’t Let Me Fall Away


Choreographed by Julie Almanrode


1-4 CW RF Step together Step, LF Step together Step (Skipping steps)

Arms swing right, left

5-8 4ct Box step (Repeat 1x)



Facing Center

1-4 RF Step pause into center, LF Step pause into center (the step begins on an off-beat with NO WORDS)

5-8 R-L-R-L out of circle


1-8 Balance  R-L, (hands extend apart, waist high, palms up)

CW RF 3ct cross mayim L (hands cross at wrist and extend up & apart)

LF 3pt quick turn L (RH raised, draw small circle over head, LH on hip)


1-8 RF step together step, pivot facing CCW (other direction) LF step together step


1-4 Windmill on line to the right (arms up – either with fists or open palms)

4-12 4ct Box step

13-16 RF Step together Step, LF Step together Step (Skipping)

After the verses that end with the word ‘quickly’ go to Interlude



1-4  Half box step

5-8 R-L-R-L step backwards


9-12 RF Skipping Step with RH stretching out; LF Skipping Step with LF stretching out

13-16  R-L-R-L step backwards


17-20 R yeminite on line (arms follow like a blooming and fading flower)

21-24 L yeminite on line


25-28 Half box

29-32  R-L-R-L step backwards

Skipping Step, R-L Filler


















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