Revelation: The Seven Messianic Communities

Most of what is written by the Jewish apostle Yochanan (John) in the Book of Revelation is found throughout the Torah and the Prophets beginning in Genesis with the creation of the heavens and the earth.   This shouldn’t be surprising because everything that Yochanan knew and understood came from the only Scriptures available –– The Hebrew Scriptures. 

As I have studied Revelation throughout the years, adding my understanding of my Biblically Jewish heritage, inclusive of the symbolism found in the ‘appointed times’ of the Lord, discrepancies and confusion slipped into the background. The Spirit of God opened my eyes to new and unique perspectives.  Several years ago I used a similar approach to study the seven congregations in Asia Minor.   Drawing from historical events that happened to Isra’el transformed preconceived ideas and previous teachings that didn’t include a Hebrew perspective and were even anti-semitic at their core. 

These are the links to the Seven Congregations in Asia. To continue studying more chapters in Revelation, click here.

Revelation Chapter 1 – Unveiling Yeshua

Revelation Chapter 2 – Ephesus

Revelation Chapter 2 – Smyrna

Revelation Chapter 2 – Pergamum

Revelation Chapter 2 – Thyratira

Revelation Chapter 3 – Sardis

Revelation Chapter 3 – Philadelphia

Revelation Chapter 3 – Laodicea

4 Responses to “Revelation: The Seven Messianic Communities”

  • Marie says:

    Hello there,
    Thank you for the insight. I completed another read through the Bible and the Holy Spirit allowed me to (better) understand the Book of Revelations. I learned about the Sabbath, Christmas and Easter a couple of years ago and my husband and I changed what we do although the Sabbath posed to be more difficult because my husband was already working during the Sabbath. I have to admit it is a lonely walk trying to convey a message that piles of gifts on Christmas is not what Christ intended or that we are guilty of traditions too. I never understood why it was not OK for some people like homosexuals to use the argument, “God knows my heart” but for Christians to break the fourth Commandment because “God knows our hearts”. I am beginning to understand why God’s prophets were a bit saddened.

    • yahuliani says:

      My husband and I were just discussing the whole lonely walk we’ve been on for years and years and how (living in nowhere land) it has affected not only our lives, but the lives of our children. You stated it best, we are among some of the greatest prophets who boldly proclaimed the Word of God, but had to suffer the loss of friends, family, and even a safe place to live in Israel. Though we feel alone, we never are. There are those like you out there who took a moment to comment and for that, I am encouraged and thank you.

  • Cynthia says:

    I found this teaching extremely eye opening! Thank you! One thing I am not sure about is exactly what Matthew 24 means in regard to fleeing. I will be like a berean and study further. I have some friends that are prepping to help others in time of tribulation but have also heard others say the desolation will be so bad it won’t matter? I assume moderation in all things? Any third out there?

    • Yahulia says:

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I would agree, moderation in all things as well as teaching ourselves to ‘hear’ the voice of the LORD and what he might have us do in a specific time or moment. Though we are somewhat preparing, my husband says the same thing, “Doesn’t anyone read Revelation to know how bad it will be?” As for fleeing, I really believe prophecy revolves around Israel and specifically Jerusalem. From a recent teaching I’ve heard, I’m beginning to see that the ‘great deception’ is more about the Temple in Jerusalem and how the world will following the anti-messiah believing him to be the Messiah when he sets up the sacrificial system. Though that won’t occur in the prophesied Temple of Ezekiel and must happen before Yeshua returns. When all of false worship is revealed for what it is and eyes are opened, those in Judea and Jerusalem are to flee because the tribulation will be so great against the Jewish people and those who deceived them. What those of us around the world are to do, again, we can only have ‘ears to hear what the Spirit’ says to us. Perhaps be prepared to protect those we can? Any ideas?

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