Who is Jehovah?

There is no other name for God except yod-hey-vav-hey given to Moses. So, what about Jehovah?

The name Jehovah has an interesting history apart from it being the Latin, then the Anglicized version of Adonai. It begins with the Tetragrammaton, yod-hey-vav-hey or YHVH in our modern alphabet.


Hebrew does not have vowels. Vowels were created as little marks above, below or next to the letter to make the language more readable. There never have been vowel points with yod-hey-vav-hey.

In Hebrew, God is also called Adonai. For some reason, someone somewhere decided to put the vowels from Adonai between the Hebrew letters for יהוה.

In English transliteration, this would make the name of God look like this:

Another interesting twist is that the Hebrew alphabet has no letter J. In fact, the letter J in terms of alphabets is relatively new, only several hundred years old. So, someone changed the letter Y to an English J. This change transformed YaHoVaH to:

JaHoVah or JeHoVaH

You decide if Jehovah is the name God gave to Moses. Use the same concept with your own name. Write your initials leaving space between them for vowels. Think about a title you have such as husband, father, mother, wife, brother, sister, pastor or deacon. Insert the vowels from that title between your initials. You have just created your name in the same way Jehovah evolved from yod-hey-vav-hey. What is your name? Is that the name given you at birth, used by your family and friends?

For a more detailed explanation, go to http://www.familybible.org/Articles/Messianic/Jehovah.htm.

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