War Dance I

Moti Zingboim

War Dance – Choreographer:  Marty Gayle

A.  kibbutz right, kibbutz left

(while going right, circle arms underneath; while going left, circle arms above) complete this progression a total of 5 times (from beginning of music)

B.  left arm bent in front as if holding a “shield”, right arm holding “sword”

step left forward, right forward, cross right arm “sword” in front, bring back

step left foot back down, step right behind (these steps form a tzerkezia)

step left foot forward, pivot, right forward step left forward, pivot, right forward

REPEAT all of this a total of 4 times – on last step, place right foot straight down (not forward).

C.  turn to right, hold both hands on “sword” push off on right foot, left-right-left, swing sword down, up  (REPEAT 3 times)

hold sword – lean back, thrust sword fowrard, pull sword back and push off on left foot, right backward, left, right, (REPEAT all of above at total of 2 times).

D.  right Yeminite, left Yeminite.   (REPEAT at total of 8 times while doing Yeminites, arms out bent at elbows, palms open facing upwards (giving praise to Yahweh)

While doing right Yeminites puts off on  left foot and while doing left Yeminites push off  on right foot.

This looks as if you are leaping for joy and doing a true ‘victory’ dance.

Repeat progressions A,B,C,D

Repeat progressions A, C, D, A, B on final step pivot and stand on both feet with legs spread apart, and also on the same beat raise hands and arms straight up with open palms.

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