Praise Yah

Aviad Cohen

Choreographer: Jacob Almanrode

Begin CCW after 32 counts


1-4 Run R-L-R-L (claps)

5-8 Slide right, slide right (with clap)

9-12 Polka Turn

12-16 Balances

Repeat 7x


Part I

1-4 RF Step Hop, LF Step Hop

5-8 RF Yeminite with a Hop

9-12 LF Yeminite with a Hop

13-16  1/2 Windmill turning CCW

Repeat 4x

Last time – Same as Part I except end with a balance not a windmill

13-16 Balance L-R-L-R


1-4 RF Cherkessia

5-8 Flying Mayim

Repeat 3x

1-4 Leap R 2x, Leap L 2

Ending Chorus

Repeat Chorus 2x

Repeat Intro 2x

Repeat Chorus 2x

End with a Swishing Windmill

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