Days of Elijah

Robin Mark

These are the days of Elijah

Declaring the Word of the Lord,

And these are the days of Your servant Moses

Righteousness being restored,

And though these are days of great trials

Of famine and darkness and sword,

Still we are the voice in the desert crying

Prepare ye the way of the Lord,

Behold He comes riding the clouds

Shinning like the sun at the trumpet call,

Lift your voice, it’s the year of Jubilee

Out of Zion’s hill’s salvation comes

And these are the days of Ezekiel

The dry bones becoming as flesh,

And these are the days of Your servant David

Rebuilding a temple of praise,

And these are the days of the harvest

The fields are ripe in the world,

And we are Your laborers n Your vineyard

Declaring the Word of the Lord.

Choreographer: Dawnita Carlson

Part I Circle dance – arms held at elbow

8 counts: CW: RF cross mayim L, RF cherk L, RF cherk L & hop, pivot 1⁄2 turn R,

8 counts: CCW: LF cross mayim R, LF cherk R, LF cherk R & hop, pivot 1⁄2 turn L,

16 counts: Repeat

Part II

8 counts: Face center, move CCW: RF kibbutz R, LF kibbutz L,

8 counts: RF half kibbutz R, LF half kibbutz L, RF 4 pt turn R (arms by side),


Part III

4 counts: Face CW: RF step together step R into center (hands raised R),

4 counts: LF step together step L out of circle (hands raised L),

4 counts: Face CW: R yemenite & pivot 1⁄2 turn R (hands lower & raise),

4 counts: Face CCW: L yemenite & pivot 1⁄2 turn L (hands lower & raise),


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