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Actual Days of Noach

How do I view the days before the flood in the days of Noah?

My views are a little different than most because I believe in spirits and I also believe that when the text states that the ‘sons of God’ had sex with the ‘daughters of men,’ it is literal. This means that I believe angels (who are always referred to as ‘sons of God’ in Hebrew had sex with human women.

Their offspring were ‘giants’ or Nephilim. More importantly, they were half-breed spirit beings and human beings. The Book of Enoch explains a lot more about what was happening at that time, but suffice it to say that these Nephilim drank blood – of animals and humans. The fathers, the angels, were attracted to the long flowing hair of women – hence the ‘covering of the woman’s head because of the angels’ in 2 Corinthians 13. You can read and study all of that yourself.

The flood was the result of all sorts of unnatural things happening on the earth at that time. So God decided to rid the earth of humanity and save 8 people. The Scriptures say in Genesis that these ‘giants’ were on the earth before AND after the flood. Their remnant progeny were Goliath and his brothers. (Trivia: David had five stones in his sling because Goliath had 4 other brothers. David was ready to deal with them all, rid them from the earth.)

The events of the flood scenario are three-fold. First, the humans who were fornicating with angels were drowned. All that had the breath of life in them died including animals. There is evidence that the Nephilim had sex with animals too which is why it is prohibited in the Torah. Bam, mankind is dead except for Noah and his family. Second, the angels that had sex with women were bound in chains until the Judgement (Jude 4-6?). Third, the Nephilim half-breeds were neither fully human OR fully spiritual. Physically, they could die in the flood, but spiritually they lived on – hence before and after the flood. These disembodied spirits became the evil spirits that roam the earth. These evil spirits are ones looking for a body to possess. These evil spirits are the ones Yeshua cast out of people.

People throughout all of the ages KNOW about these spirits. Some worship them as in witchcraft and channelling. They are nothing more than demons. What we call Halloween has been celebrated since the days of the flood. It was the ‘day’ when these spirits roamed the earth looking for a place to dwell. People put out hollowed turnips to trap them so they would not be possessed. Today, we do this with pumpkins though many don’t know the history or realize the severity of what they are doing. As with all things, Satan masquerades as an angel of light and also his ‘follower’ demons.

So, ultimately, Noah’s flood was about ridding the earth of wicked humanity, fallen angels and their offspring that settled in Canaan. This is WHY God had Isra’el fight to destroy the Canaanites because they had embraced the gods (demons) of these Nephilim. This is WHY Isra’el had to TRUST God for the victories because the battles were more than physical – they were spiritual.

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