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My Dream of Yeshua

I had a dream of Yeshua meeting me on a ship during a ferocious storm. The ship was rocking back and forth as rain pelted the upper deck. Water tumbled down walls and stairwells toward the lower decks, but I knew I needed to go below deck. As the ship careened and I stumbled down a twisting iron staircase grabbing onto the walls for stability, I saw a small rainbow-colored circular shape hovering in the air at the bottom of the stairs. As it spun, it became bigger and bigger until Yeshua stood in front of me. In that moment, the storm and swaying ship no longer seemed to affect me. I knelt before him and looked at the floor. He placed his hand on my cheek so that I would look up at him I remember the softness of his hand was nothing like I had ever felt before. I put my hand over his and turned it to look at his scars – something I consciously wanted to do to make sure it was really him. The scars on his hand had become one flesh with his hand – not like human scars that remain bumpy or discolored. Though obviously a scar, it even appeared translucent on his hand. While still holding his hand to my cheek, he turned my face so I could see his. I looked into his eyes. They were a color mixture of hazel and amber that I had never seen before – even that mixture does not describe the supernatural color of his eyes. I remember looking into his eyes deeply and drowning in his shalom. I could feel his love and overwhelming presence in a way that again could only be described as being enveloped in his fullness. His quiet voice stilled the storm and rocking ship when he said, “You are my Beloved.” Then, he left.

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