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Living in Goshen

The past few weeks of information, disinformation and outright lies buzz around the airwaves bouncing off planets in the outer universe so much that I have been praying incessantly for truth.  A couple of verses come to mind like “everything that is hidden will be laid bare” (Hebrews 4:13) and “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).  Then someone posted this DNA/RNA Sequencing Genetics information about the virus and another verse jumped off the page with ink as wet as today’s newspaper.    

“For Adonai will judge all humanity …. Those who consecrate and purify themselves in order to enter the gardens, then follow the one who was already there, eating pig meat, reptiles and mice, will all be destroyed together,” says Adonai. “For I [know] their deeds and their thoughts” (Isaiah 66:17-18). 

Whenever I ask for truth, Adonai is always faithful to reveal a tidbit.  I’m not trying to be prophetic, but I do believe there is some truth to what my spiritual eyes were opened to see.  

The virus is animal/human RNA, something the immune system of humans can’t seem to combat.  The government is calling for ‘social distancing’ and ‘quarantine’ because medically no one knows how to deal with it and its mutations. Consequently, the entire world is being affected.

The prophet Isaiah speaks about those who eat pig, reptiles and mice (bats), abominable, detestable, ‘unclean’ creatures,’ who will all be destroyed together.  Initially, we were told the Wuhan virus came about because of detestable things people were consuming.  I won’t go into the fact that Wuhan, China is ground zero for biological weapons and this may have played a significant part, but put that into the equation as you desire.  Since the beginning of this viral attack, I have wondered about judgment on those who refuse to eat according to God’s dietary laws.  Let’s be honest, anyone who eats according to Leviticus 11 is mocked and judged by practically the whole Christian world who believe they are ‘free from God’s law’ and can eat whatever they want.   Adonai says “I know their deeds and their thoughts,”  and He is going to judge those who eat things He considers ‘unclean.’

Is it possible that those who are becoming infected with the virus are those who already have weakened immune systems from eating ‘unclean’ foods?  Is it possible that those who don’t eat ‘unclean’ foods, will be immune?  Let me put it this way, is it possible that those who eat ‘unclean’ foods are being judged while those who eat ‘clean’ foods are being protected by the Hand of Adonai?  These have been my questions when pondering on how, where, and why this virus originated and what it is – the joining of RNA of humans/animals.   I’m positive no one is considering the possibility of ‘food source’ when they are searching for an answer to this virus, and even those who read this may think I’ve jumped off the flat earth.

Let’s take this one step further behind the scenes into the spiritual realm and Elohim’s ‘appointed times.’   We are in the days before Passover.  Millennia ago, Adonai judged Egypt with plagues.  Plagues that proved their gods false –– from water turning to blood to boils on their skin to grasshoppers eating everything. This world is like Egypt with so many personal gods and even more anti-God, anti-Bible views.  We are in the ‘days of the plagues,’ but in a short time is our deliverance –– Passover.  

For those who understand the ‘appointed times,’ Adonai told His people to prepare for the final plague.  I don’t believe this is the final plague, but I do believe there is a precedent for the timing.   When the Israelites had their lamb, unleavened bread, and bitter herbs ready, they were told to stay in their homes until the ‘angel of death’ passed over.  This took faith.  They didn’t understand what was going to happen until it was over.  This is how we have to view this time of ‘social distancing’ and ‘quarantine.’ 

I am living in my new fifth-wheel trailer that for now I’m calling Goshen until this plague has passed – not because the government is telling me to, but because I believe Adonai is telling me to. For those who really know the account of Passover, the Israelites lived in Goshen and did not experience the last of the plagues. They were miraculously protected by Adonai. I fully believe in that protection, especially when I read Psalm 91.

“Because he loves me, I will rescue him; because he knows my name, I will protect him. He will call on me, and I will answer him. I will be with him when he is in trouble.”

I never imagined that during ‘such a time as this’ I would be in Las Vegas, but divinely enough, every door we walked through to get here shut immediately after we walked through –– from Alaska being virtually untouched with having one case, to airline flights ending to Las Vegas, to purchasing our new trailer and the dealership closing the next day, to the Canadian border closing so we could not return to Alaska sooner. We know we are to be here where the casinos, the CASINOS are closed. We also know that we are to listen to the voice of Adonai that talk radio, news programs, and all social media hype works to drown out.  We have to have ‘ears to hear’ what the Spirit is saying to us and to this country, even the world. Are we so rich, but blind, pitiful, poor, and naked with regard to what is really important – obeying Adonai.

Passover happened followed by Unleavened Bread.  It was during this time that the Israelites were freed from their bondage of slavery.  Seven days after Passover, they were far away from their former way of life.  Seven days after Passover, there is rumor that the public arena may open again. It is the hope for the end of this crisis. It may or may not end on that very day, but I do know that life will be different from when this all started. Though Adonai is in control, He allows governments to rise and fall, economies to rise and fall, and nations to rise and fall. It will be interesting to see where we’ll be on our journey toward the Promised Land – crossing the Red Sea with our government chasing us or eating a daily quota of manna.

The end of Isaiah 66 speaks about the New Moon and Sabbath in the new heavens and new earth. Those who embrace these ‘appointed times’ will worship Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh eternally on those days, those who rebel against Him have a different destiny.

“As they [the worshippers] leave [the presence of Elohim], they will look on the corpses of the people who rebelled against me. For their worm will never die, and their fire will never be quenched; but they will be abhorrent to all humanity” (Isaiah 66:23-24).

We do have a choice in these strange times and it’s not to ‘stay inside for two weeks,’ it’s to decide now whether the God of Israel and His Word is complete truth or it’s not. Even what we are to consume as food has been outlined by Him. To obey Him wholeheartedly may have more than eternal reward; it may be the key to being immune to the plague.

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