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Server Gift for Children

Little servers, like their adult counterparts, have identifiable interests which prepare them for practical and creative ministry.  They can become absorbed in play and play alone, particularly when it concerns the use and dexterity of their hands.  Smaller children seem to love such things as cars, trucks, craft sets, toy irons, stoves, tea sets, clay, crayons, and the like.  Older children go on to enjoy sewing, knitting, electronic and constructions sets, and microscopes.

They get satisfaction from putting things together.  They are good at pretend play when it involves modeling teachers, secretaries, preachers, librarians, etc.  They make good little ‘copycats’.

Because these children are motivated toward tasks and things, they tend to have a single best friend or a limited circle of friends.  This also can make them very family-oriented.  Since their motivations are toward activities, they are not strong ‘feeling children.’  They often find public speaking difficult and are embarrassed to show emotion, especially before groups of people.  Sometimes this repression can cause bitterness as they become angry with life.

They are spasmodic readers, but have varied and wide interests.  They like pets and can give affection to them, at times more readily than to people.

Like older servers, the children prefer to choose their own direction and time of activity.  Their greatest joy is thinking of the task themselves and doing it on their terms.  For example, they may grudgingly do the dishes after being told.

A corollary to this is their tendency to feel overwhelmed if the work piles up with too many complications.  They may work for days on a project and then fail to finish it at the last minute because a few obstacles make it seem impossible.

Parents of these children need to appreciate their beautiful serving gifts and be aware of their strong need for family and friends to receive their ideas and projects with enthusiasm, encouragement, and appreciate for work done.

1.  Coordinated with their hands

2. Likes delicate, little things

3. Great imitators and pretenders

4. Enjoys being involved, helping

5. Few close friends, one best friend, likes small groups, hates being part of a crowd

6. Can be very creative

7. Short attention spans

8. Dislikes constant reading

9. Likes to take things apart and put them back together


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