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Ruler Gift for Children

The ruling gift shows up in children in the zeal and enthusiasm of their personality.  They are outstanding in their wide interests, excessive activity, and somewhat ‘forward’ personality.  They tend to be joiners, will volunteer for most anything and run for various school offices.

They seem to have an inner drive to be ‘first.’  Already they are being groomed for leadership roles.  They are usually well-liked children who feel at home with all ages.  They enjoy ‘going’ with their parents’ in fact, they always seem to be ‘on the go’ with new ideas, projects, and plans.

They subscribe to things, collect things, and send off for magazine contests.  They are great planners with a certain systematic approach to things.  They may write notes to themselves, make up lists of activities, and lay out their clothing for the next day.

They are curious and investigative, full of all kinds of questions. Their mental alertness  may give a false impression of a higher I.Q. than they actually possess.  Ruling requires speaking, so these children are free and outspoken.

The zeal of their personality seems to spare them from undue discouragements.  They keep driving ahead, even amidst rebuke.  Their tendency to organize others may be mistake as a personal ‘laziness’ on their part.

In play, these children seem to love most everything, all kinds of toys and pets.  But as they grow older, they prefer playing with other children above toys.  They are eager to have pets, but may find it difficult to follow through in the care of them.  They tend to have a wide reading interest, with special emphasis on adventure, animal stories, and anything with action.

1.  Always aware of what he possesses

2. Tough-skinned, doesn’t care if he has friends or not

3.  Organizes friends, everything, everyone

4. Involved in a wide range of things, enjoys doing them all

5.  Loves detective stories, any mystery stories, plot

6.  Writes notes to himself and his parents about his plans

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