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Psalm 100:4-5 – Enter His Gates

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving, enter his courtyards with praise; give thanks to him, and bless his name. For Adonai is good, his grace continues forever, and his faithfulness lasts through all generations.”

In Hebrew the word for ‘gate’ is sha’ar. Though it can mean a ‘gate’ like one has at a fence, it is significant to the gates of Jerusalem. In order to enter the Old City, you must pass through one of several gates: The Jaffa Gate, the Zion Gate, The Dung Gate, The Lion’s Gate, Herod’s Gate, The Damascus Gate, and the New Gate.

Several sha’ar have direct entrances to the Temple area. The Eastern Gate or the Golden Gate on the eastern side of the Temple has been blocked for a long time awaiting the return of Yeshua from the Mount of Olives. On the southern wall of the Temple are two sha’ar known as the Double and Triple Gates, sometimes referred to as the Huldah Gates. On the western wall there were several sha’arot: Warren’s Gate, Wilson’s Arch, Barclay’s Gate and Robinson’s Arch. These are the sha’arot that led to the courtyards of the Temple.

The Hebrew word for ‘thanksgiving’ is הודיה or hodiyah and literally comes from the word for ‘turkey’ hodu and means ‘give thanks.’ ‘Thanks’ is also the word תודה or towdah and means ‘to express thanks by extending the hands.’

The Hebrew word for ‘courtyard’ is chatzir and means ‘an enclosed place by a house. The Hebrew word for ‘court’ is chatzar and refers to the court of the Tabernacle as well as the Temple.

The Hebrew word for ‘praise’ is tehillah and means ‘praise demanded by the attributes of God, specifically a hymn.’

The Hebrew word for ‘bless’ is barak and means ‘to kneel before the Lord.’

The Hebrew word for Adonai is the memorial name יהוה yod-hey-vav-hey, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, I Am as given to Moses in Exodus 3:14-15.

The Hebrew word for ‘grace’ is chen and means ‘favor, mercy and kindness.’

The Hebrew word for ‘faithfulness’ is emun and means ‘trustworthy.’

“Enter his gates into the Temple extending hands with thanks, enter his courtyards of the Temple with hymns extolling his attributes; give thanks to him, and kneel before him. For Adonai is good, his favor, mercy and kindness continues forever, and he is trustworthy through all generations.”

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