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The Days of Noah

My view of the ‘days of Noah’ may differ from most because I believe in spiritual beings. I also believe when the text states that the ‘sons of God’ had sex with the ‘daughters of men,’ it is literal. I believe that because angels are not supposed to have sex with mortals, this became the abomination that had to be judged by God.

I believe angels, who are always referred to as ‘sons of God’ in Hebrew, had sex with human women. According to the Book of Enoch, the angels were attracted to the long flowing hair of human women – hence the tradition for ‘covering of the woman’s head because of the angels’ found in 2 Corinthians 13.

The offspring between the angels and human women were ‘giants’ or Nephilim. More specifically, they were half-breeds – spirit beings and human beings. The Book of Enoch explains more about what was happening during these ‘days’, but suffice it to say that the Nephilim drank blood – of animals and humans. They had sexual relations with animals which became prohibited in Torah. They were very violent destroying everything around them.

The consequences of the flood were three-fold. First, the human woman who fornicated with angels drowned. Everything that had the breath of life in them died, including land animals. All mankind died except for Noah and his family. Second, the angels that had sex with women were bound in chains until the coming end Judgement (Jude 4-6). Third, the Nephilim half-breeds were neither fully human nor fully spiritual. Though they could physically die in the flood, they lived on spiritually. Their disembodied spirits became the evil spirits or demons that roam on the earth. These evil spirits look for a body to possess. Yeshua cast these evil spirits out of people.

People throughout all the world know about these spirits. Some worship evil spirits through witchcraft and channel them as demonic entities. What is known today as Halloween has been evolving since the ‘days of Noah.’ Halloween became the ‘day’ when the disembodied spirits roamed the earth looking for a place to dwell. People, fearing these spirits, put out hollowed turnips to trap them so they would not be possessed. Today, pumpkins have replaced turnips though few know the reason or understand the spiritual severity of doing this.

Ultimately, Noah’s flood was about ridding the earth of wicked humanity and judging the fallen angels. Their offspring, the Nephilim settled in Canaan. This is the reason God had Isra’el fight to destroy the Canaanites. This nation of people had embraced the demonic rituals of the Nephilim, the heros of renown. This is the reason Isra’el had to put their faith in God for victory over their enemies. The battles were more than physical – they were most definitely spiritual.

The Bible says the Nephilim, the disembodied spirits remain on the earth after the flood. Yeshua told us that when he returns, it will be like the ‘days of Noah.’ In those days, there was a an interbreeding, a twisting of DNA, and an abomination in the lineage of humanity. Only eight people were placed in the Ark and survived the flood.

When I was a new believer a pastor asked me ‘where’ in the Bible is the majority right. I knew that I knew that I knew that it was a trick question. So, after much deliberation in my head without much Biblical understanding, I responded, ‘Nowhere.’ Yes, nowhere in the Bible is the majority right and this is why good parents teach their children not to follow the crowd. You know, “If the crowd jumps off a cliff, will you follow?” Nope. Never have. Never will because the Truth is contained not just inside the Ark, but outside as well. Millions, in the ‘days of Noah’ believed they were right and eight ‘crazy, conspiracy theorists’ who believed it was going to rain were wrong. The answer – found in every culture on earth – reveals those who were truly righteous and those who lost their lives.

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