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Kingship – Hebrew: Melukah

The Hebrew word for ‘kingship’ is melukah and also means ‘royalty.’ Melek means ‘king’ an has the same root as melukah. A version of this word for ‘kingdom’ is recited in the Shema: Baruch shem kavod malchuto l’olam va-ed –– Blessed be His name whose glorious kingdom is forever. ‘Kingdom’ is found 317 times in the Complete Jewish Bible; ‘king’ is found 2516 times; and ‘kingship’ is found 16 times.

Yeshua answered, “My kingship does not derive its authority from this world’s order of things. If it did, my men would have fought to keep me from being arrested by the Judeans. But my kingship does not come from here” (John 18:36).

Hebrew Word Pictures

מ Mem – Water means ‘chaos’ or ‘mighty.’

ל Lamed – A Shepherd’s Staff means ‘urge forward.

ו Vav – A Nail means ‘binding.’

כ Kaf – An Open Palm means ‘open’ or ‘cover.’

ה Hey – A Window means ‘reveal’ or ‘behold.’

The Hebrew Word Picture for melucha: mighty urging forward the binding covering revealed.

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