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LOSS of Freedom in Spain

If you had the choice, would you:
1. Take a very small of chance dying of CovidOR2. Lose all your basic freedoms in one fell swoop, like this person in Spain explains below …
———————————————————-This is happening in Spain. 😢


In the US you have no idea what is happening in Spain (and Italy).March 13 was the last day of school, we were asked to stay home for 2 weeks to allow the Covid 19 danger to pass and avoid more victims. Everyone felt they were doing it out of responsibility and sense of community and fear. We were supposed to start on March 26, but it kept on getting pushed closer and closer, I barely had time to get some food and water.

On March 13 the stores had security guards and lines in front.March 14 Grace and I were able to sit on beach 5 minutes, then we were told to go home asap, the police was fining people €200 if found outside. We rushed home, and Grace has not been outside of apartment for 2 months since those 5 minutes on beach.

Since March 16, as we were home, the rules suddenly changed: they became stricter every day, and the fines got higher and higher. We have extremely strict rules. We lost freedom completely. I had no idea this could happen, until you experience this, you absolutely have no idea what it means.
Only one person is allowed out of the house, and only to nearest food store or pharmacy, police patrolling area stops people and checks receipts and address.

Everything is closed, businesses are dying.

Use of car is only to go to essential work and only one person per car and you need a special permit signed by employer.

Anyone under 18 is not allowed out at all!!! Children have been locked in apartments for 2 months!! Even dogs are allowed out, but only 10 meters from home. Children have not seen sunlight in 2 months!!

The fines are now a minimum of $2,000. And yes that is the fine we get if we talk to someone outside of the house even with social distancing!!!
Police brutality has become a big issue. People have changed, they now call police on people they see in the street, the police arrive in a group and beat the person up. People on balconies clap.

This stressful prison situation has created pain and tension, it has removed compassion and sense of community. Terror of numbers of contagion rising make people hateful towards anyone in the streets. Because any person outside can cause us to be caged longer.

People are hanging from these artificially inflated numbers desperate to find a sliver of hope to see sunlight again. As the government keeps on promising fast release if everyone behaves AND the fake numbers go down. But the day of prison release gets pushed further and further out.
It is impossible now to get together and protest. We are a broken community. People are terrified of each other. Nobody talks, the eyes with masked faces are the eyes of scared animals now. Something was broken. The handlers know how to break humans and reduce them to cattle.
After 2 months of complete and traumatic caged life, we are allowed to take our children under 14 out of the house, but only 1 hour a day and in a half a mile radius from home. Only one adult per child. Gea is not allowed out.
We are praying to be able to have 1 hour a day outside per person, they are holding it as a carrot on a stick to keep us hoping as many are hungry and there is no financial help.Apparently over the weekend the politicians shared among each other 10 million Euros. Was this supposed to be help money for the people?

I am begging you to not give away your freedom!!! You will never get it back!!

As we are praying to get some fresh air, we already know that by end of May we will be in lockdown, heavier than before.Probably like Italy, we will have to ask police permission to go get food.

We are unable to leave, no flights out! And I would not even make it out of town anyway. Police blocks everywhere. Please please do not give up your freedom!! We lost freedom, dignity and soon we will be all homeless here.
Don’t be scared of any virus!!

Loss of freedom has serious repercussions!! It causes a lot more deaths than any disease! We have no hope here, we allowed the forces of evil to turn us into cattle ready to be branded and injected with poison and microchips!
We have been reduced to lab rats in cages, ready for September, supposedly it is the estimated date for testing.In meantime we lost all dignity and rights to our bodies. Laws are passed secretly, as we can be forcefully used as lab rats.Please pass this along!

Obviously the vaccine is not a vaccine!!

We have to be united now for the survival of the entire human race! And fight now before the cage doors close forever!

Love to all