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Proverbs 12:19 – Daily Bible Verse

December 24, 2020

“Truthful words will stand forever, lying speech but a moment.”

In Hebrew, the word for ‘words’ is שפה or saphah and can mean ‘lip’ or ‘speech.’

Truth in Hebrew is אמת or emet and means ‘firmness,’ ‘faithfulness,’ and ‘truth.’ This word is interesting as it is comprised of the first letter of the Hebrew alef-bet, the last letter, and the middle letter. The alef and tav or את are the ‘sign of Yeshua,’ as they are the first and the last letters, his exact reference in Revelation 22:13. (Note: John didn’t write Revelation in Greek, he was Jewish and wrote in Aramaic/Hebrew.) The mem or מ is the middle letter of the alef-bet. This suggests that everything from beginning, middle, to end of Scripture is Truth. Again this is exactly what Yeshua said in John 17:17, “Your Word is Truth ….”

The Hebrew word for ‘stand’ is כון or kun and means ‘firm,’ ‘appointed,’ ‘confirmed,’ ‘determined,’ and ‘to be established.’

‘Forever’ comes from the Hebrew word עד or ad and has its root in adah. It means ‘perpetual’ and ‘eternal.’ This means it has continual existence from time past, through the present, and into the future.

The Hebrew word for ‘lying’ is שקר or sheker and means ‘falsehood’ and to be ‘deceived.’ It brings forth disappointment and injury as it frauds with wrongdoing.

The word for ‘speech’ is the Hebrew word לשון or lashon and means ‘tongue.’ It is also used for ‘languages,’ as well as the literal organ in the mouth. Lashon hara means ‘evil tongue’ and is used to refer to ‘gossip.’

The Hebrew word for ‘moment’ is רגע or rega and can also mean ‘suddenly,’ or ‘in an instant.’ In the modern language of Hebrew, rega is used to tell someone, ‘wait, give me a second.’

“Faithful lips speaking the word of truth from beginning to end will remain firmly established from times past, in the present and, into the future; lying tongues that speak falsehood to deceive and bring forth disappointment and fraud will last only an instant.”

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