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The King is in the Field

“Who is he, this King of glory? The Lord Almighty — he is the King of glory” (Psalm 24:10). 

A King is the core of a nation embodying the goals and aspirations of the Kingdom.  He is the reason why his subjects plow, sow, and reap.  It is only through the laborers that the Kingdom is sustained, for even a King needs the fruit of the earth.

A King reigns from his palace and remains separate from the subjects of his Kingdom.  If  a subject wants to approach the King, they would have to go through a time of preparation. There are protocols –– an exact code of dress, speaking, and mannerisms to be followed to enter his presence or –– execution.

One day the King decides to leave his throne and his palace to to into the fields where he meets his laborers. What happens when the laborer sees the King in his field?  Does he keep working?  Does he run home and bathe and change his clothes?

The King has come to his field and desires to meet with him, the one who plants and harvests.  The King has come into his realm on his terms. There are no protocols; by the very act of the King coming to the field, the land, air, and earth become a  holy, set-apart place.

During the month of Elul, the sixth month in God’s calendar, the laborer rises from his mundane life and is inspired with purpose for ‘bringing forth bread from the earth.’  The field distinguishes the laborer’s common workplace from the King’s royal palace.  A laborer labors six days in the field, but on the seventh-day, he ceases his work and spends time with the King in His palace.  He enjoys a small taste of life as royalty.

For eleven months, a laborer’s life alternates between the field and the day of ceasing. However, in the month of Elul, there is a switch. The King leaves his royal palace and visits the laborer in the field. The laborer’s work is interrupted by the King who smiles on him. The laborer fellowships with the King for whom he spends his days working.  He reasons with the King and receives a new appreciation for the King’s love, mercy, and grace.  They spend time together in the field.

Our King, Messiah Yeshua, came to the ‘field’ to meet his laborers.  He spent time with them and showed them his love, mercy, and grace.  As his laborers continue to to work in his fields that are ripe for the harvest, he promises to return and place his Kingdom in the field in a covenant of peace. (Matthew 9:37-38, Ezekiel 37:26).

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