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A Wiccan’s Witness to God’s Standards

A Wiccan friend of my daughter’s recently posted a status regarding same-sex marriage and homosexuality. Of course she is for it, but she said that Christians cannot be upset with homosexuality because the Bible says that eating unclean meat like pork is a sin and she sells tons of pork to many Christian customers.  She said Sabbath is not Sunday and Christians do not acknowledge God’s holy day,  but go to church on Sunday.  She continued that divorce is not condoned by God and she listed numerous Christian couples she knows in process of divorce.  She continued with multiple verses listing commandments that Christians choose not to obey that are clearly written in the Bible (and she wrote out each Scripture with chapter and verse).  Her conclusion: Unless a Christian obeys these other commandments, they cannot call homosexuality a sin.

The responses she received from Christians countered her comments with ‘those are Old Testament laws that don’t pertain to us’ and ‘when Jesus died on the cross the law was done away with’ and even ‘you are twisting Scriptures.’  I  found it very ironic that a WICCAN was writing the Truth of God’s Word and Christians argued with her!  Their own rationalizations gave them no grounds to defend their moral cause.

I went to visit her where she worked to tell her that I was aware of the discussion.  I asked her if  our family could be against homosexual marriage.  She told me that we could because we don’t eat unclean foods, we keep the Sabbath, and my husband and I had never been divorced.

Some pagans know the Scriptures better than most Christians and are looking for people to obey God’s commandments with integrity and Scriptural honesty.  Each of us needs to be one those people and allow the Word of God, not the behavior of lawless Christians, to convict this young woman and change her heart.

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