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Isaiah 25:9 – He Saved Us

“On that day they will say, “See! This is our God! We waited for him to save us. This is Adonai; we put our hope in him. We are full of joy, so glad he saved us!”

The Hebrew word for ‘day’ is yom and means ‘a period of time.’ In this verse, the word yom refers to the Millennial Reign of King Messiah from Jerusalem or the Messianic Era.

The Hebrew for ‘God’ is Eloheinu, our Supreme God.

The Hebrew word for ‘waited’ is kavah and means ‘tension of enduring’ or ‘long-suffering.’

The Hebrew word for ‘save’ is yasha ‘and means ‘deliver or save.’ The name Yeshua meaning ‘salvation’ comes from this word.

The Hebrew for Adonai is יהוה is yod-hey-vav-hey, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh or I Am.

The Hebrew for ‘hope’ is tikvah and means ‘waiting for what is expected.’ HaTikvah or The Hope is Isra’el’s national anthem.

The Hebrew word for ‘joy’ is shimcha and means ‘delight and rejoice.’

The Hebrew word for ‘glad’ is gool and means ‘to spin around under the influence of great emotion’ or dance.

“During the reign of King Messiah from Jerusalem they will say, “See! Eloheinu! We suffered long and endured great persecution for him to bring Yeshua. This is the I Am; we waited for what we expected. We are full of delight, that we spin around and dance because he saved us!”

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