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Ruler – Gift of Administration

The gift of administration is the motivation to coordinate the gifts and ministries of others to accomplish God’s will in a given task or area of responsibility.

“But this is not to be so with you; on the contrary let him who is the greatest among you become as that youngest, and him who is the chief and leader as one who serves” (Luke 22:26).

Romans 12:8 “He that rules with diligence….”


1.  Goal-oriented and more impersonal than the exhorter.

2. Has the ability to see the overall picture, clarify goals, and establish procedure to achieve the goals.

3. Has the ability to recognize gifts and match people with projects.

4. Had the ability to delegate authority.

5.  Strength to endure reactions and counter-suggestions from workers in order to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently.

6. Derives joy from a completed project that served its purpose.

7. Administrator tends to assume responsibility for a task if no structured leadership exists and the task is not being done or will wait for authority for proper timing.

8.  Must be open to legitimate criticism and suggestions so as to win confidence of helpers.

9. Must take a ‘pastoral’ interest in those he is governing so that they are well provided for and relationships are kept intact.

10. Must retain the love, respect, and trust of his workers.

Fruit of the Spirit

Romans 12:14, Romans 12:8

Temptations to Avoid

1. Using people to accomplish selfish goals rather than those established by the Lord.

2. Using people to accomplish a legitimate ministry with a greater concern for their ‘usefulness’ rather than their value as people.

3. Overlooking major character flaws in those useful in achieving even God-ordained ministry.

4. Being impersonal, unapproachable, and insensitive toward those you are governing.

Problems and Misunderstandings

1. The ability and need to delegate may appear as laziness.

2. May appear callous.

3. Failure to explain reasons for tasks make cause workers to feel they are being abused.

4. Keeping projects on schedule may appear as insensitivity to the personal well-being of the workers.

Scriptural Examples

1.  Yeshua, feeding the 5000, Mark 6:38-44, checked resources, plan of distribution, delegated responsibility to the 12

2. Nehemiah, Book of Nehemiah, special zeal for God’s people, sensed the overall problem and surveyed the needs, delegated authority, proceeded under opposition, made things easy for others and was not a burden

General Counsel and Application

Yeshua said that the children of the world are wiser in their own generation than the children of the light.  This applies to administration.

In many ways, the church is archaic and inefficient in how it uses its people and resources to accomplish its mission.  Pastors, for the most part, are not administrators and do not know how to release the potential of a congregation. Also, the church fails to allow the people to operate in their gifts and minister to the people.   All pastors OUGHT to have a measure of the gift of ruling since they are called to function in a ‘governing’ capacity, 1 Timothy 3:5.  It should be normal that there would be a governing ‘group’ in a church setting and therefore ‘one’ would have the gift of administration.

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Ruler Gift for Children

The ruling gift shows up in children in the zeal and enthusiasm of their personality.  They are outstanding in their wide interests, excessive activity, and somewhat ‘forward’ personality.  They tend to be joiners, will volunteer for most anything and run for various school offices.

They seem to have an inner drive to be ‘first.’  Already they are being groomed for leadership roles.  They are usually well-liked children who feel at home with all ages.  They enjoy ‘going’ with their parents’ in fact, they always seem to be ‘on the go’ with new ideas, projects, and plans.

They subscribe to things, collect things, and send off for magazine contests.  They are great planners with a certain systematic approach to things.  They may write notes to themselves, make up lists of activities, and lay out their clothing for the next day.

They are curious and investigative, full of all kinds of questions. Their mental alertness  may give a false impression of a higher I.Q. than they actually possess.  Ruling requires speaking, so these children are free and outspoken.

The zeal of their personality seems to spare them from undue discouragements.  They keep driving ahead, even amidst rebuke.  Their tendency to organize others may be mistake as a personal ‘laziness’ on their part.

In play, these children seem to love most everything, all kinds of toys and pets.  But as they grow older, they prefer playing with other children above toys.  They are eager to have pets, but may find it difficult to follow through in the care of them.  They tend to have a wide reading interest, with special emphasis on adventure, animal stories, and anything with action.

1.  Always aware of what he possesses

2. Tough-skinned, doesn’t care if he has friends or not

3.  Organizes friends, everything, everyone

4. Involved in a wide range of things, enjoys doing them all

5.  Loves detective stories, any mystery stories, plot

6.  Writes notes to himself and his parents about his plans

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