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Hanukkah Word: Assimilation

“Many peoples will go and say, “Come, let’s go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob! He will teach us about his ways, and we will walk in his paths.” For out of Tziyon will go forth Torah, the word of Adonai from Jerusalem” (Isaiah 2:3).

Watching a documentary last night on the history of Hanukkah, it became so clear that the Jewish people did not want to assimilate into the Greek Hellenistic culture being forced upon them and lose their identity, their Biblical calling as the people of God and a light to the nations. My husband and I talked about how we had to come out of Rome and leave behind all the doctrines of Roman catholicism that the evangelical/protestant church has embraced. It was difficult leaving behind cherished family traditions that were actually contrary to the Word of God. Sometimes it felt as difficult as the rag tag Jewish army fighting the great and mighty Syrian military on elephants. Our families didn’t understand; moreover, our church brothers and sisters denounced us as legalists fallen from grace. Some said we even ‘left the fellowship of God’!

The documentary stated that the 4-year battle was more than a fight to regain the Temple in Jerusalem and the ordinances given by God of Sabbath and circumcision in the Torah, it was a battle for the existence of the state of Israel. Without an Israel, there could never have been the birth of the Messiah, Yeshua. Without an Israel today, there can never be his return. The battle still rages.

As we watched the documentary, we could see how Christiandom, by negating the history of the Jewish people from their canon of Scriptures, have lost the understanding of what Yeshua/Jesus meant when he spoke of the ‘abomination of desolation’ and the ‘man of lawlessness’ that is at work already in this world. They create their own prophetic western perspective rather than seeingNo automatic alt text available. that he was referring to the days before Hanukkah and the battle of assimilating into a world religious system that is contrary to the Hebrew Scriptures. It is much easier to assimilate and give rationalizations for assimilating into the culture around us and its expressed idolatry than to stand as Mattathias did against the Syrian generals who wanted him to sacrifice to a false god with a pig or to fight as the Maccabees did with few weapons, or to follow the Lion of Judah.

Hanukkah “Alternative” vs. Christmas

For many Biblical reasons, our family stopped celebrating Christmas many years ago.  Our relatives didn’t understand our reasons, but accepted the decision as best they could.  One side still sent Christmas presents that we reminded our children to accept with gratefulness because ‘every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights” (James 1:17).   The other side began wrapping Christmas gifts in Hanukkah paper.  Though that was their way of respecting our decision, Hanukkah is not a Jewish substitute, replacement or alternative to Christmas.  Hanukkah and Christmas have two very different historic backgrounds and have nothing in common with one another.

The roots and traditions of Christmas can be found in the Roman celebration of Saturnalia on which the Catholic church sprinkled holy water,  incorporated the birth of a non-Jewish Jesus, and created the Christ Mass (which ironically means ‘death sacrifice’).   Those who embrace Christmas believing it as Jesus’ birthday  are doing nothing more than acknowledging catholicism as the roots of their faith (even if they are protestants who reject everything catholic).   In fact, all of Christiandom and secular society for this one day of the year become catholic in their celebration and promote the idolatrous Saturnalia with a holiday of stars, greenery, and gift giving.  

The events surrounding Hanukkah, the Festival of Dedication (John 10:22), are found in the Apocrypha and are rooted in Jewish history during the time of Alexander the Great when he wanted to Hellenize the world.  It was during this time that the Emperor Hadrian changed the name of Judea to the Greek/Latin Palestine in order to expedite the destruction of the nation and people of Israel.  Alexander’s cohort Antiochus Epiphanes (means ‘antichrist manifest’) went about ‘Palestine’  forcing the Jewish people to renounce their faith in the God of Israel or die.  He sought to destroy the people and the lineage through whom the Messiah would come. They were not allowed to circumcise their children, celebrate Passover or any of God’s other holy days or offer sacrifices in the Temple.  As Antiochus’ armies entered Jerusalem, they desecrated the Most Holy Place in the Temple with pig’s blood.  This is the same Temple that today Muslim world leaders claim never existed; the same place where an Islamic mosque stands.   

Our family is not nor ever was Catholic thus we do not take part in the Christ Mass.   Our children were raised to understand the historical roots of Christmas and have never felt like they were missing something.   Instead, they were taught about Hanukkah and the anti-semitism of the Greek/Roman world, the same anti-semitism that still exists today in much of the church due to its catholic heritage along with the growing ideology of hatred for Israel in the much-tolerated religion of Islam. 

As they are all grown and have their own lives, each still remembers the Maccabees and their fight to free the Jews from being Hellenized with paganism.   They light their menorahs for eight days to remember the re-dedication of the Temple Altar back to Yahweh.  Each night with the candle light they look forward to the day when the Messiah Yeshua returns, sets His feet on the Mount of Olives, enters the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem and the Temple area.  On that day he will cleanse a newly-built  Temple from the coming ‘abomination of desolation’ (Matthew 24:15-26, 2 Thessalonians 2:4). He will restore Jerusalem and the nation of Israel to the eternal glory that is promised in the Holy Scriptures.  

Hanukkah is not a Jewish alternative to Christmas.  Changing the wrapping paper on a present or saying “Happy Hanukkah” rather than “Merry Christmas” changes nothing about the deeply rooted differences.  One is a celebration with unBiblical roots and decorated to entice the world into idolatry; the other is a memorial to those who fought against anti-semitism in order to protect the Temple in Jerusalem and to stand against the destruction of  their faith in the God of Israel.   Unlike the Roman catholic-based Christmas, Hanukkah is a reminder from a century before the birth of Messiah that nothing and no one, especially a modern ‘antiochus’ can destroy the Lion of the Tribe of Judah through whom the redemption of the world will come.

“You people don’t know what you are worshipping; we worship what we do know, because salvation comes from the Jews” (John 4:22).

This year, 2016, Hanukkah begins the evening of December 24 and lasts 8 days.

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July 20, 2015 – Could the Temple be a Great Deception?

This is one of the best teachings I’ve heard on Hebrews in a very long time since Monte Judah said Hebrews was an invalid book and many believed him or those with an anti-semitic, anti-Torah message.   This man, Tom Stapleton,  confirmed thoughts I have had for years regarding the Temple in Jerusalem without passing judgment on the Jewish people or twisting Scripture.    

Highlights for Me

There will be a Temple (it’s part of God’s plan to destroy the enemy who desires and will steal His worship).  – 1 Thessalonians 2:3-4

It must have its services including sacrifices because that’s the requirement of having a Temple or even a Tabernacle.  The Levites will perform their duties because that is their duty and calling when there is a Temple.  However, it will not be as it should be because the Levites have never been refined and purified as they ought. – Malachi 3:3

The Abomination of Desolation will sit in the Temple being built now. – Matthew 24:14-20

The Third Temple being built now is NOT Ezekiel’s Temple vision.    When the glory of the Lord returns and puts his feet on the Mount of Olives, Messiah Yeshua will cleanse the Temple being built now.  He will come against and remove the lawless one who has usurped ‘David’s throne.’  It will be the Hanukkah of all Hanukkahs!  Jerusalem will be made level at that time.

Ezekiel’s prophesied Temple will be built at the hands of Yeshua and it will be inspired by the Spirit of the Living God. –  Zechariah 14:4, Isaiah 40:1-5

These Jewish men of priestly descent,  though noble in heart and mind as they are, do not have the Spirit of God directing them as did those who built the Tabernacle.   The implements though beautiful gold and silver and purposeful in administering the Temple sacrifices and duties are not created through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, but by descriptions of historical accounts.  

All nations will come to this Temple to worship ‘the one’ they think is God.  The holy area will be trampled upon by gentiles until the time of the gentiles is over (about 3 1/2 years).  – Luke 21:24

When the Temple services begin again with a Levitical, everything will seem great to the Jewish people who have longed for its restoration and the nations in the world.  There will finally be the peace everyone desires, but it will be a false peace.  The daily sacrifices will be stopped and the camouflage of the ‘man of sin’ will be revealed. – 2 Corinthians 11:14

Realizing the error of their ways, the idolatry they allowed in the Temple of the Most High, all  Jerusalem will cry out for Messiah, but on some level it will be too late. – Matthew 23:39.

Those who have accepted this man of lawlessness’ deception will serve him until it’s appointed ending time.  Appointed NOT by ‘the one’ sitting as the abomination, but the ONE who has ordained appointed times – the God of Israel.

All those who put their faith in Yeshua and trust Him as their High Priest and part of a royal priesthood need to protect themselves from the deception. – Hebrews 4:14, 1 Peter 2:9

Where I I differ a little from this man’s teaching regarding Jerusalem has to do with the Millennial Kingdom.   I believe the royal priesthood will minister to Yeshua in Ezekiel’s Temple in Jerusalem for 1000 years while the Levites will minister to the multitudes of people to whom they have always subjected themselves.   There will be a two-fold priesthood at the same time; one that is immortal having been raised from the dead and/or changed into immortality along with the mortal Levitical priesthood that was given an eternal covenant by God through Aaron.  In a cleansed and ‘rebuilt’  Temple according to the will of God, Yeshua will rule and reign the nations of the world with an iron rod for 1000 years.

After the 1000 years according to Revelation, Satan is released and the judgement seat of God follows.   The new heavens and new earth will bring forth the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven when God Himself, Yahweh Himself will live with mankind.  – Revelation 21:1-4

Understanding all of the implications happening with the Temple and Jerusalem today, should we not be more vocal about Yeshua to the Jewish people so they know they have their ‘sacrificial’ system in the Lamb of God who took away their sins?  

Should we not speak to them about their High Priest who is Yeshua and who has become their Intercessor and Mediator between them and God? – 1 Timothy 2:5

Should we not obey our calling as the nations to make the Jewish people envious for their own Jewish Messiah so they are not deceived and lead the world onto a path of deception and destruction rather than being a light to those nations? – Romans 11:11

Mr. Stapleton talked about all the ‘false’ signs and wonders that the anti-christ will do in order to receive the worship of the Most High God including fire that consumes the Altar of Sacrifice, the ‘sign’ of an acceptable sacrifice.   However, he didn’t mention the ‘sign’ of the Son of Man. The ‘sign’ of Yeshua’s coming will be as lightning comes from the east to the west and all who look upon him will mourn knowing they have been deceived. – Matthew 24:30-31

In the words of Hebrews and 1 Thessalonains: Encourage each other as you see ‘the day’ of the great deception approaching and plant seeds.  Jerusalem is still where God has placed His Name and He WILL redeem it back to Himself.  HalleluYah!  Thank you April Morasco for posting the video!

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