Selah means ‘pause and carefully weigh the meaning of what is written …”

 These are links to Israel in the news: Jewish antisemitism around the world, bombs and rockets that aren’t reported, how to bless Israel, and the times to come.  Pause and carefully weigh the meaning of what is written.


Netanyahu Calls Iran Deal Historic Mistake

2014 – Operation Protective Shield

Understanding the Israeli/Gaza/Palestinian Conflict SIMPLY

Father of Abducted Solider Speaks

What are the Underground Tunnels? Everything you need to know … 

Dancing Soldiers Thank-you


Meteor Crashes into Russia

Russia, Iran Agreement (2/15/2013)

Joel Rosenberg’s Blog on Russian, Iranian Agreement

New Israel and Oil

Second Vatican State in Jerusalem

Israeli Arabs Claim Western Wall Away From Jews

Web Cam on John Paul II’s Tomb

 Jews Lose Sovereignty of Temple Mount

Obama Visits Israel/Jerusalem


Land of Promise to Abraham Isaac, and Jacob

Revelation 16:12: The River Euphrates is Drying Up

Help build bomb shelters – United with Israel Bomb Shelter Campaign.

Fifteen seconds from the time of a missile launch to safety.

Jews being removed from Norway –  Europe.

Missiles into Israel from Gaza