“The Spirit expressly states that in the last days some people will apostatize from the faith by paying attention to deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come from the hypocrisy of liars whose own consciences have been burned, as if with a red-hot branding iron” (1 Timothy 4:1-2).

The personal testimony of our family when we encountered deceiving spirits and things taught by demons through an Illusion of Truth This is an account of evil, demons, and darkness that tried to consume everyone involved and a few times almost succeeded. We learned through the trial and temptations that when we stand on the Word of God, His Spirit of Truth, and remain strong in our faith in Yeshua, the victory will come from Elohim no matter how dark the darkness or how confusing the spirits.

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“A must read for anyone wanting to learn about spiritual warfare and discernment.” Meshele T.

“This book is very well written and totally kept my interest.  Written from different viewpoints, it shows how people can sincerely want to please God, but be blind because of their own sin and rebellion, which can creep in without realizing it and affect not just their own lives and walk.   I am going to have my adult children read it, too.” (Darlene M.)

“I don’t generally read stories, but this one definitely kept my interest.  It has been so encouraging to me in my own gift of discerning of spirits.  My husband read over my shoulder and was intrigued.  With the subject matter being such serious spiritual warfare, I would not recommend it for young readers.” (Vonnie B.)

“I started reading this book last night and it is very uplifting and honest. FIVE stars READ IT!!!!” (Judi P.)