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Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Peter McCullough is another world-reknown virologist/epidemiologist who has testified in Senate and Congressional hearings about vaccine injuries. This two-part interview on American Thought Leaders with Jan Jakeilek is very informative. This interview uses pod casts.

Part 1 of the interview

Part 2 of the interview

Dr. McCullough says that healthy children should not be given the ‘vaccine.’

Dr. Robert Malone, MD

This interview is 3 hours long, but excellent. Dr. Malone is the computer programmer turned virologist who programed the mRNA technology. Joe Rogan interviews him and asks the important and difficult questions. It is in this interview that Dr. Malone states that in no way should children be given the vaccine or booster as it will sterilize young girls. Must have Spotify to watch.

Vaccine Injuries (VAERS)

Dr. Jessica Rose

The Harms of Covid Vaccines

With Robert Kennedy, Jr., The Children’s Health Defense

VAERS Update 9/1/21 – Excellent explanation of VAERS data

Dr. Jessica Rose was born in Ontario, Canada into an academically oriented family. She pursued her Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) immediately after high school and subsequently, a Master’s in Medicine in Immunology at MUN. She was one of 5 esteemed graduates of a newly established interdisciplinary degree program pursing a master’s degree in Medicine with a focus on Immunology. She continued with her studies in Israel, having been invited to pursue a PhD in Computational Biology at Bar Ilan University. Since its completion, she has successfully completed two Post-Doctoral degrees in Molecular Biology, with a focus on Rickettsiology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Biochemistry, with a focus on Anisotropic Network modeling of ATP-Cassette-Binding Transporter molecule mechanisms at the Technion Institute of Technology.

She took a break following completion of the final Post Doc in December 2019 in perfect sync with the declaration of the global ‘pandemic’. She used this an opportunity to pursue the task of teaching herself ‘R’ using the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data from the United States. Since then, she has published her findings in the journal ‘Science, Public Health Policy and the Law’ and has two other publications in peer review soon to be published – both pertaining to VAERS data. One of the manuscripts is a critical appraisal of VAERS pharmacovigilance and the other is a review of Myocarditis adverse events.

She has progressed in leaps and bounds with R and has since created a website that publishes her data live weekly. You are most welcome to visit this site: She has also since become the first recipient of the Joshua Kuntz Research Fellowship that honors the life and passing of Joshua Kuntz – is a young man who lived with the unintended adverse effects of a vaccine.

Vaccine Injury Testimonies

Where there is risk, there needs to be choice! Many virologists and immunologists predicted these issues, but were censored as ‘conspiracy theorists.’

November 2, 2021 panel on vaccine injuries, Washington, DC

Testimonies from Israel

See Us, Hear Us, Believe Us

Professional Mountain Biker, Kyle, in Idaho

Injuries from the UK

12 year old girl’s injuries (another article)

Brianne Dressen, Utah