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For Courage When Persecuted

Heavenly Father of Yeshua, my self-sacrificing Savior,

As I praise Yeshua for allowing himself to be betrayed, captured and delivered into the hands of cruel persecutors, and then laying down his life in payment for my sins, I ask You for the sake of his suffering, bleeding and dying in my stead, to forgive me the cold cowardice by which I have often hastened from You.  How eagerly I should confess Yeshua as my divine Deliverer, since he did completely finish everything required for my justification, yet how ungratefully and repeatedly I have denied him.  Forgive me and strengthen me with a faith that remains firm and steadfast, even in adversity!  Give me the courage required to valiantly  confess Yeshua before men, friend and foe alike, and to tell the world that You purchased me with a great price, the highest in all history, by the precious blood of Your Son.  Use the afflictions Your love may place upon me to purify my heart and to strengthen my reliance on You.  Help the sick and the sorrowing throughout the whole world.  Comfort especially the defeated and the dying, those who are tortured along with the families of those who have been martyred.  Draw more to You my God through the message of Yeshua’s love.   May I be faithful unto death so that I receive the crown of everlasting life.  Omein.

©Concordia Theological Seminary, 1950

Gratitude for God’s Word

God of Israel, my strength and refuge:

I thank you that in this world of change and decay, when pleasure and pain, rejoicing and remorse interchange abruptly, You have given me an immovable basis for my faith and life in Your Word, which tells that you never change.  Forgive the sins and blindness that have tempted me to find other foundations for my life or have left me cold and indifferent to the marvelous mercy contained in Your Word.  Rather open our eyes to the treasury of divine truth preserved in Your Word and let the message of salvation of my ever-living Redeemer become and remain my greatest glory.  As I praise You for helping me show my gratitude for Your Word by spreading its lessons of love so that through Your Spirit, Ruach, the careless sinner may be called to repentance and faith, the sorrowing be comforted, the tempted be strengthened.  To this end, be with all who bring the Bread of Life to the nations, Your servants who serve You in sincerity and Truth.  Grant all, both those in the gloom and despondency and the flush of carnal confidence, the faith to believe Your Word – especially the promise of salvation through Messiah, Yeshua.  Omen.

©Concordia Theological Seminary, 1950

For Submission in Prayer

Yahweh Father who has promised to hear our prayers,

May I always learn from Yeshua to plead submissively, in Your Name and according to Your gracious will.  In the torment of Yeshua’s soul as he bore the torture of all human transgressions and suffered as my Redeemer in removing my sins, he begged that the cup of sorrows might be taken from him; yet I hear him also saying, “Nevertheless not as I will, but as You will, Father.”  Give me the patient, complete reliance on Your answer to my intercession which trusts You fully.  Make me ready to continue in prayer until in Your good time You grant my request.  Whenever I become weary, and it seems that Your answer has been delayed too long, hold before my doubting mind Your repeated pledge to hear my petition, and refresh me with with the realization that Your hour of response is always at the best and most blessed time.  May I learn from Yeshua to know how good and gracious Your divine will always is.  I ask for the power of Your Spirit, Ruach, to help me submit to Your will and timing in my prayer, in Your name,  by Your promises, Omein.

©Concordia Theological Seminary, 1950

For Contrition and Courage

Heavenly Father, Abba of Messiah, our blessed Redeemer and perfect Ransom,


With bowed head and contrite heart, I approach Your mercy to confess my thanklessness for Yeshua’s atoning sorrows and death, to acknowledge that too often I have been ashamed of You, whose grace never as ashamed of me.  Forgive me, and by the mercy of Messiah’s blood shed on the cross, blot out the guilt and graciously behold the unbelieving, the scoffing, the selfish, the carnally secure, and bring them, as me to repentance and faith in Your all-embracing redemption.  Fortify the faith of Your redeemed worshippers, who, trusting in You,  are still weak and inconsistent, often lonely and disheartened.  Encourage them to cling to You for immovable support in their wavering hours, for Your companionship on their solitary paths, for the victory of faith over the onslaughts of doubt and distrust!  Hear my prayer, bless me and prepare me for my part in Your Kingdom, for Your Name’s sake, in fulfillment of Your holy promise.  In the name of Messiah, Omein.

©Concordia Theological Seminary, 1950